Emmys: 4 reasons why Alias Grace deserved a nomination


Yesterday the 2018 Emmy nominations were announced. There were a few surprises as well as a few snubs. In addition to a few other shows, the Emmys ignored Netflix’s Alias Grace. Here are 4 reasons why it deserved a nomination.

When I looked at the list of Emmys nominations one show was noticeably absent: Alias Grace. Given its great reviews and comparisons to The Handmaid’s Tale, I thought for sure it would receive at least one nomination.

For those that do not know, Alias Grace is a Netflix miniseries based on a Margaret Atwood novel of the same name.  It centers around the true story of Grace Marks, a young woman convicted of murdering two people. However, many believe in Grace’s innocence. Those that do employs a psychiatrist, Dr. Jordan, to evaluate Grace in an attempt to pardon her. Through Grace’s meeting with Dr. Jordan, we hear Grace’s life story and her account of the day of the murders.

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Alias Grace is an excellent feat in storytelling and deserved multiple Emmy nominations. Here are 4 reasons why:

1. The acting is phenomenal

Sarah Gadon does a brilliant job of playing Grace Marks. Throughout the entire series, she keeps audiences guessing on whether Grace is truly innocent or not. She seamlessly goes from helpless and scared in one scene to cheeky and cunning in the next. The Emmys snubbed Gadon as well. A great supporting cast backs her. All of the actors play their roles convincingly without resorting to melodrama.

Alias Grace, Emmy Awards 2018 nominations snub
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2. Its themes resonate in today’s times

As might be expected from a Margaret Atwood adaptation, Alias Grace, explores much of what it means to be a woman in society. Even as a young girl, Grace constantly has to deal with unwanted advances from men. Men mistake her opening up to them as her falling in love with them. In the current #MeToo movement, these themes really resonate.

3. It is perfectly paced

A lot of series today have pacing issues, even critically acclaimed ones like Westworld and Stranger Things. However, this is not the case with Alias Grace. The show never moves too quickly or too slowly. Not one moment is dull. I was enraptured learning about Grace’s life and trying to discern whether she was innocent or not.

4. It is beautifully directed and shot

Alias Grace is a near perfect miniseries. This is in thanks, in part, to director Mary Harron. Through foreshadowing and dreamlike imagery sparingly used throughout the series, Harron creates a sense of dread and intrigue. The audience is always kept on its toes on the subject of Grace’s innocence. Alias Grace is also a visual feast. Due to the Canadian scenery, it is beautiful to look at.

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