5 new things we learned about The Gifted season 2

Photo credit: FOX, acquired from Fox Press Site
Photo credit: FOX, acquired from Fox Press Site /

The Gifted season 2 returns September 25 on Fox, and we just learned exciting details about a scene that’s the first of its kind in Marvel TV history!

The mutants are getting ready to take over San Diego Comic-Con next weekend, but prior to the juicy season 2 panel we’re excited to see at the convention, The Gifted creator Matt Nix and star Emma Dumont shared some inside scoop about the season 2 premiere. Here are five things we learned from their latest interview.

1 – We’re coming back to a time-jump

Following the tense divide between the mutants (and Strucker parents) in the finale, The Gifted season 2 will begin six months later. This means the divided groups will have likely established themselves and have grown further apart. We’re also curious to see how the political relationships between mutants and humans will have developed during this time.

2 – Polaris will give birth in the premiere

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It was revealed that Polaris will go into labor at the start of The Gifted season 2, an unprecedented story moment for Marvel TV.  “We’ve never seen in any Marvel media, and sort of show or TV, a mutant pregnancy and then a mutant delivery,” Dumont shared with EW. “This is kind of a pinnacle moment. I feel very honored to be part of Marvel history in this way. It’s super cool!”

We also know, however, that it may prove difficult to keep Polaris alive and safe because of the baby’s mutant ability and effect on her own powers.

3 – Mutant Reeva Payge is allying with Polaris

A new mutant named Reeva Paige (Grace Byers) will be introduced in The Gifted season 2. It’s said that she can “produce sonic blasts that scramble minds,” and is the leader of a mutant group called the Inner Circle. Matt Nix teased that Reeva is determined to help Polaris survive her pregnancy labor because she has specific plans for the Inner Circle, and “Polaris is a big part of those plans.” She’ll be by Polaris’ side in the premiere, helping her give birth (from inside a private, sealed facility — perhaps one without any sharp or dangerous metal objects around?).

The Gifted season 2
Photo credit: FOX, acquired from Fox Press Site /

4 – Polaris will continue to mentor Andy in The Gifted season 2

In season 1, we saw Polaris take on a mentorship role with the teenage mutants at HQ, and with Andy Strucker and Polaris both choosing to ally with the Frosts, that mentorship role will continue to develop in season 2 while Andy is separated from the rest of his family. “Polaris has actually grown really close with Andy,” Dumont said. “They see each other as the only people they can trust in this situation… Polaris definitely takes on a mentorship role with Andy.”

5 – Polaris is going to face leadership tension

Polaris chose to ally with the Frost triplets at the end of The Gifted season 1, but that doesn’t mean she will follow their orders or take a passive role within the group. The same goes for the new mutant we’ll meet in The Gifted season 2 premiere, Reeva. We’re kind of excited to see how the headstrong personalities between the Frosts, Polaris, and Reeva will play out and affect this group of mutants throughout the season.

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We haven’t learned much about the rest of the mutants who chose NOT to ally with the Frost sisters, but we’re hoping to get lots more details next weekend at SDCC! Check back with Hidden Remote for more news about The Gifted season 2!