Supernatural gets special SDCC TV Guide cover

Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Warner Bros. and TV Guide have teamed up again for special SDCC 2018 magazines covers. Don’t miss out on the Supernatural special edition.

Like past years, Warner Bros. has teamed up with TV Guide for an SDCC 2018 magazine cover special. Of course, there’s not just one Warner Bros. show making it to the convention and that means there’s more than one cover to collect. I know you’ll be interested in hearing that Supernatural is one of those CW shows that has made it to the front.

The whole point of the cover is to promote the shows that are going to be at SDCC, so seeing the Winchester brothers on the front isn’t that surprising. However, it’s not just Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. While they do get a bigger spot–being the main two stars and in every single episode–there’s room for Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert. In other words, Team Free Will 2.0 is back in business. For SDCC anyway.

You’re not just getting the cover. The magazine will also feature an 88-page special of all the Warner Bros. juicy details for the convention, including bits from Castle Rock, the new version of SabrinaThe 100, iZombie, and much more.

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This is the ninth year in a row that TV Guide and Warner Bros. have teamed up. Once the magazine is off the shelves, you won’t be able to get the old covers through official channels. If you want this one, you’ll need to grab it while it’s hot. There’s a catch, of course! The magazine is available for free at SDCC for all attendees.

Not at SDCC 2018? There’s no need to fret. You can buy it from retailers, at Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble between July 16 and October 17. Hopefully, by the time it’s ended, there will be another Entertainment Weekly Halloween special from our favorite men!

There are four covers to collect this year, including Supernatural. Look out for the Riverdale and Arrowverse covers, as well as MAD Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman.

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Supernatural‘s SDCC panel will be on Sunday, July 22 at 10:30 a.m. PT.