Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from July 15 episode, Scottie Salton takes control

Big Brother casting director reveals how likely she is to give out clues (Scottie Salton Screengrab/CBS)
Big Brother casting director reveals how likely she is to give out clues (Scottie Salton Screengrab/CBS) /

Big Brother 20, Episode 9, airs on Sunday, July 15. This was the episode that immediately followed Scottie Salton taking control of the BB20 house.

This Big Brother 20 recap comes from the July 15 episode. Quite a bit of new information was revealed, including who Scottie Salton nominated for eviction, who became the most-trending houseguest, and who was deemed the least-trending houseguest from the past week.

Getting down to business

Following the “previously on Big Brother” segment to open the show, it was time for some post-HOH Competition reactions. At the end of the July 12 episode, Scottie Salton won the HOH. This gave him the power to name two nominees. He was pretty excited about winning, but suddenly he had a lot of new friends in the BB20 house.

Brett Robinson and Winston Hines montage

A segment of the show was spent on showing how close that Brett Robinson and Winston Hines are in the house this summer. They do almost everything together and are main members of the Level Six alliance. The rest of that alliance is Rachel Swindler, Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark, and Angela Rummons.

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Brett, Winson caught in lies

Before officially naming who he was targeting in the next eviction, Scottie decided to go around the house to try to figure out who worked to get Steve Arienta evicted. Steve was his closest ally in the game and Scottie was not pleased that he had been evicted. During the investigation, Scottie started discovering that people were lying to him. The Level Six alliance and Sam Bledsoe didn’t get their stories together before Scottie started figuring out what might be going on inside the BB20 house.

Operation: Distract and detract

When Brett had time alone with Scottie, he started putting a plan in action. Part of his plan was to present Scottie with new targets. Brett claimed that Haleigh Broucher and Rockstar were working against Scottie and Steve. They weren’t, but Brett was starting to get a bit desperate. In a Diary Room session, Scottie spoke at length about it. Unfortunately for Brett and Winston, the plan was not really working. Instead, it caused Scottie to find the resolve he needed. At that point, Scottie was ready to nominate Brett and Winston for eviction.

Big Brother 20 recap: Final BB App Store

The BB App Store opened up again in the second half of the July 15 episode. It was the final time that a power assignment and a punishment would take place. Haleigh Broucher is the least-trending houseguest. Her punishment was to read from Hamlet. Each time she heard the punishment phrase, Haleigh would have to stand on her soapbox in the BB20 house and read from Hamlet. It sounded like a very difficult punishment.

Bayleigh Dayton is the most-trending houseguest. As such, she received a power app. Bayleigh’s power is Identity Theft. At any Nomination Ceremony, Bayleigh can steal the identity of the HOH. Consequently, the power allows her to name two nominees of her own, in place of the choices of that current HOH. She won’t gain the HOH title but can shake up the week of nominations.

There are now three powers in play. Sam Bledsoe, Tyler Crispen, and Bayleigh Dayton each hold one of them.

The Week 3 Nomination Ceremony

Scottie Salton hosted the Week 3 Nomination Ceremony to wrap up the July 15 Big Brother 20 episode. He stuck with his idea. As a result, Scottie nominated Brett Robinson and Winston Hines for eviction.

Next: The Week 3 Power of Veto Results

The next Big Brother 20 episode is on Wednesday, July 18 at 8/7c on CBS.