Is David Eason truly leaving Jenelle Evans over Teen Mom?

David Eason has supposedly had it with the drama that comes with MTV and Teen Mom 2. He’s thinking about divorcing Jenelle if she doesn’t quit.

David Eason clearly isn’t happy with MTV. Jenelle Evans hasn’t said much about her troublesome husband, who made some discriminatory comments on Twitter about homosexual and transgendered parents. When MTV learned of the comments, they ceased all filming with David as they didn’t want to give him money or a platform based on his beliefs. For months, fans have wondered whether Jenelle was going to dump David because of his viewers. More importantly, fans wanted to know if she was going to quit filming Teen Mom 2. 

However, it sounds like Jenelle Evans isn’t planning on doing anything without David Eason. She previously revealed that she wouldn’t be filming the show without her husband, and she stood by his views as well. Interestingly, people are now guessing that David could be leaving Jenelle if she doesn’t stop filming Teen Mom 2. But it sounds like Jenelle would much rather stay married than stay with the show. Fans have already expressed concern over David’s controlling behavior and this could just be another example of him controlling her.

On Twitter, Jenelle Evans revealed that she had no plans of filming anything without her husband. Since MTV doesn’t want to give David any airtime, it sounds like she’s going to be leaving the show. They haven’t quite figured out the new season yet, but one can imagine they are working on contracts.

Jenelle has called the show stressful and it sounds like she’s ready to leave it all behind for some peace and quiet in her life. But it’s uncertain how they are going to make money if they leave the show, as they will no longer have a platform to launch businesses.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans quitting Teen Mom 2 to make David Eason happy?

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