American Ninja Warrior exclusive: Tiana Webberley takes on the LA City qualifying round

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR -- Photo by: NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR -- Photo by: NBC -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

American Ninja Warrior fans will know all about Tiana Webberley. She’s back for her fifth attempt at the national qualifying round and here’s an exclusive peek at tonight’s all-new episode.

American Ninja Warrior is back for another new episode tonight and there’s a familiar face. Tiana Webberley is back for her fifth attempt to make it through the obstacles and get into the national finals. Will she be able to do it this time?

Webberley has always been pipped towards the end. However, she’s not quitting. Every time she’s been through the course, she’s learned something and built upon her strengths. This has to be her time, right? She certainly looks calm and collected throughout, refusing to let the nerves affect her on the first four obstacles.

In this exclusive clip of tonight’s American Ninja Warrior, Webberley takes things one obstacle at a time. Some she makes look easy, but they all require her full concentration. Surrounded by her family, she’s refusing to get knocked out again and is clearly determined to get through the Los Angeles City final to make it through to the national finals.

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Webberley isn’t the only one vying for a place in the national finals tonight. She’ll be joined by Flip Rodriguez, Kevin Bull, Josh Levin, and 26 others as they fight their way to the end. This round sees them take on 10 obstacles, including two new ones called the “Baton Pass” and “Spider Trap.” They’ll need to get through all of them to stand a chance.

Check out this fun American Ninja Warrior clip of Webberley taking on the first four obstacles tonight.

Can Tiana make it through this time? Are you excited to see the full course? Share in the comments below.

American Ninja Warrior airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC.