SDCC 2018: All the trailers to expect during the convention

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SDCC 2018
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The biggest Comic-Con of the year is almost here, and like every year we expect trailers. So what trailers can we expect during SDCC 2018?

Comic-Con has its surprises, but it also has certain expectations it has to meet. And one of those are trailers! We expect trailers, mountains of them, and SDCC 2018 is no exception. But with so little time and so much going on, what trailers can we realistically expect during the convention?

All of your big names are going to be there, although it should be noted Marvel Studios could potentially be a no-show, but studios such as Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and more, will be bringing their A-Game and plenty of footage to be shown.

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Then there are TV shows, as well. Again, it’s SDCC 2018, all the biggest and best shows will be in attendance and you can expect them to be holding onto all the good stuff until the weekend.

The CW Network, Netflix, SyFy, Amazon and others have panels, or at the very least time set aside, to put on a show and give us an insight into what they are bringing out later this year.

Let’s break it down and take a look at the trailers, both movie and TV, that are expected to appear during SDCC 2018.