UnREAL canceled: Final season on Hulu, spoilers revealed


The hit show UnREAL had a good run on Lifetime for three seasons. It has now been canceled and the fourth and final season is already airing on Hulu.

The show UnREAL was made to basically show what things are really like behind the scenes on The Bachelor. This show was a huge hit with fans of Bachelor Nation, but it has now been canceled after four seasons. TV Line shared the details about what happened with UnREAL.

This show has been airing on Lifetime, but it turns out that the fourth and final season is on Hulu instead. It has been rumored this was what would go down. There is still talk that they may air on Lifetime at some point, but there is nothing to confirm this news. A lot of fans are going to miss out because they aren’t willing to pay for Hulu long enough to watch the show.

This new season is an All-Stars season of Everlasting. Rachel and Quinn are both back once again. Refinery 29 revealed that this new season has a character very similar to Nick Viall of The Bachelor.  This season is more like Bachelor in Paradise than anything else.

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One man named Jack on the new season of Everlasting: All Stars is back on the show for the third time. This seems a lot like the way Nick Viall has been on the real show off and on. He never actually found love that worked out from reality television. It turns out that Jack was on the show a long time ago and Rachel never knew him, but she knows who he is of course. This is going to remind the fans of Nick, but you will have to watch to see if Jack finds love or not.

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A lot of fans are shocked to hear that UnREAL won’t be coming back. Don’t miss watching Season 4 on Hulu.