New showrunner for The Walking Dead reveals major changes coming in Season 9

The Walking Dead Photo: Gene Page/AMC via AMC Press Site
The Walking Dead Photo: Gene Page/AMC via AMC Press Site /

After months of waiting, Angela Kang, the newest showrunner for The Walking Dead, is finally teasing what’s to come. Kang recently spoke to Variety, revealing some interesting tidbits about Season 9.

The announcement of Kang taking over for Scott Gimple came in January, but it wasn’t until recently that Kang’s name started becoming associated with The Walking Dead. The main reason why Kang is becoming so popular now is because of what she revealed to Variety.

During Kang’s talk with Variety, she spoke of the coming changes in Season 9. Kang didn’t reveal anything too crucial but she did mention that there’s a time-jump happening. And after that shift, we’ll see a different world—a collapsing one.

Apparently, the structures of the modern world will break down, cars will become a thing of the past, and the survivors will have to adapt to all these changes. To be more specific, horses will replace cars while handheld weapons do the same for guns. Technology will likely diminish as well, what with no upkeep being made. The survivors will probably have a few devices maintained but anything not cared for individually will waste away.

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Are the survivors headed to Washington D.C. for a reason or necessity?

What’s of more interest is the reveal of resources getting low. Kang also mentions that the survivors will have to face that challenge. In terms of how they solve their resource problem is up for debate, but it looks like a migration will have to happen.

A teaser image released earlier this year shows Rick standing in front of the decaying White House, meaning a trip to Washington D.C. will take place. And the first look at Season 9 from Entertainment Weekly shows a large caravan of horses and carriages venturing together. Their destination is unclear but they’re all together so it’s safe to assume Rick’s group—soon to be Daryl’s group, is moving to Washington.

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Fans of the series might think the change impossible but The Walking Dead has already drawn a major line from the comics so it’s not preposterous for a change in location, too. The poster image from earlier this year all but confirms it but we’ll let you decide.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 9 in October.