Big Brother 20 spoilers: Week 3 updates, BB20 house ready for Eviction Ceremony

Big Brother 20 spoilers: America's Favorite Player voting results. (Scottie Salton Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: America's Favorite Player voting results. (Scottie Salton Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS) /

The CBS live feeds have been flush with Big Brother 20 spoilers. Week 3 updates have come from the BB20 house, including who the eviction target is for July 19.

Big Brother 20 spoilers have been coming out on the CBS live feeds since the day Scottie Salton won the Head of Household Competition. That includes his targets for eviction, who won the Power of Veto, and who is likely getting evicted on Thursday night (July 19).

During the last episode, which aired on July 15, the Week 3 nominations were revealed. Scottie targeted Brett Robinson and Winston Hines. The bros were immediately at risk of getting broken up. It would also hurt the Level Six alliance to have to members on the block.

Top-trending, least-trending houseguest

Bayleigh Dayton is the new top-trending houseguest. She chose the Identity Theft power when the BB App Store opened up again. This gives her the power to steal the nominations of an HOH during the first-half of the season. At a future nomination ceremony, she can change both nominations of the Head of Household in charge.

Haleigh Broucher is the latest least-trending houseguest. Her punishment was to read aloud the entire text of Hamlet. While it was spread over a long span of time, it was also a very time-consuming punishment. It seemed a bit easier than Faysal Shafaat having to eat ham deliveries but tougher than Rachel Swindler having someone yell at her for 24 hours.

Big Brother 20 spoilers: The Power of Veto

The CBS live feeds have revealed the Week 3 Veto Competition results and the Veto Ceremony already. Brett Robinson and Winston Hines needed to either win the Power of Veto or have an ally save one of them from the block. It didn’t go the way that they had envisioned. Instead, it was Scottie Salton who won the Power of Veto.

At the Veto Ceremony, Scottie declined to use the Power of Veto, leaving the nominations the same. It puts pressure on the BB20 house to decide between Winston Hines and Brett Robinson at the July 19 Eviction Ceremony. It also creates a scenario where the guy who survives this week targets Scottie for eviction next week. Soon after the Veto Ceremony, Kaitlyn Herman hosted a house meeting.

Week 3 Eviction Ceremony preview

The BB20 cast continues to debate who they want to send home at the July 19 Eviction Ceremony. Brett Robinson is planning to push Sam Bledsoe to use her power, should he get evicted. His plan is to work hard on her during the day on Wednesday (July 18). This seems to hint at a belief from him that he is really at risk of eviction. It’s possible that his alliance members may eventually pick a side, but they haven’t committed to a plan. Yet.

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Tyler Crispen, Sam Bledsoe, and Bayleigh Dayton each have their powers in place still. That could provide a number of exciting moments on the show this summer. It may also lead to a lot of future Big Brother 20 spoilers coming out on the live feeds.