Take Two season 1, episode 5 preview: Castle vet Seamus Dever drops by Valetik

Photo Credit: Take Two/ABC, Acquired From Disney ABC Press
Photo Credit: Take Two/ABC, Acquired From Disney ABC Press /

In the latest episode of Take Two, Sam and Eddie help a familiar guest star outrun the hitman he hired for himself. Can they outwit the hit?

After four solid episodes and modestly steady ratings, Take Two is on the move. But not to a new night. ABC has moved the crime dramedy up to the 8 p.m. timeslot, leading out its night of night of comedy game shows with Match Game and The Gong Show, which takes over the 10 p.m. hour. The move shouldn’t stir cause for concern as the network appears to be showing Take Two confidence in its ability to lead the evening, and making the show available to more eyeballs should never be construed as a sign of doom.

For fans of Take Two, the timeslot swap means we’ll get our fix earlier, and this week’s episode is one you’ll want to watch as soon as possible. Since the series boasts the creative team behind Castle, it was only a matter of time before familiar faces started to show up. Sam and Eddie’s newest case centers on a terminally ill man, played by Castle’s Seamus Dever, who took a hit out on himself. But when he learns of his misdiagnosis, he turns to Sam and Eddie to keep the hitman at bay. While investigating his case, the team discovers the hitman’s the least of his worries.

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Will Sam and Eddie track down the hitman and stop him before it’s too late? Who is after our familiar faced-guest star, and what do they want with him? How will Sam and Eddie be forced to face their growing attraction to each other this week? Who else from Castle would you like to guest star? And will the move up to the top of the night help the series reach new fans? Don’t miss the latest episode this Thursday to find out. Until then, watch a first look from this week’s new case on Take Two in the first-look trailer below!

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Wondering what to expect from your summer ride-along with Take Two’s latest episode? Check out the official synopsis of “Death Becomes Him” via ABC:

"A terminally ill man hires Eddie and Sam to protect him from the very hitman he hired to make his death look like an accident. When he discovers he was misdiagnosed and is going to live, he fears for his life. Together, Eddie and Sam must keep him safe and in hiding long enough to find and stop his hired killer but soon learn that the hitman isn’t the only one after him."

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When, where, and how can you ride along with Sam and Eddie on Take Two? As of right now, it’s unconfirmed which streaming service, if any, will carry the first-season episodes of ABC’s Take Two. But if you’re a viewer hoping to catch their odd couple, buddy cop adventures live, you will want to be tuned in for every single episode of your new favorite summer obsession. Here’s everything you need to know to join TV’s next great crime-fighting duo.

When? Thursday, July 19
What time? 8 p.m. ET (*NEW TIME*)
Which episode? Season 1, Episode 5, “Death Becomes Him”
Where? ABC
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2