Younger season 5, episode 6 recap: Can Kelsey juggle Zane, Jake, and a book?

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While Liza and Charles charm a rock star on Shelter Island, Kelsey edits herself into Younger’s newest love triangle with Zane and Jake.

Are you ready for two love triangles for the price of one? Well, like it or not, Younger’s cooking up quite the romantic rollercoaster for the back half of the fifth season. We might have called last week’s outing in favor of #TeamJosh, but it appears as though Liza’s beginning to wear Charles down. When Charles travels to Shelter Island to pick up the memoir of a famous rock star, Liza swoops in to aid the eccentric transaction. Is Charles ready to forgive and forget?

Try as she might, Liza can’t quite push Charles from his prideful silence. But when Josh catches wind of the duo’s trip to the rock star’s mansion, jealousy hits the air like a chill in fall. While Younger’s old faithful love triangle reheats, Kelsey ignites a dangerous love triangle that could implode a very important project. Between Zane, Jake, and the book the three of them are working on together, is there room in the arrangement for sexual tension?

Kelsey mixes business with pleasure… twice.

As if working alongside someone you once slept with and can’t stand wasn’t uncomfortable enough, add another romp in the sheets. Oh, and one more romp in the sheets with the author they’re editing. Kelsey’s balancing act between Zane and Jake leveled up to the highest degree of difficulty, and it doesn’t help matters that she’s forced to mediate between Zane and Jake to cool Zane’s bad cop demeanor. She’s immediately regretful after sleeping with both of them and torments over who she’ll choose, but Lauren steps in as the voice of reason: “Have them both, diva.” History dictates that Kelsey’s job will get harder before it gets easier.

Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press
Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press /

Maggie meets Diana, who meets Enzo’s mother.

Even though Kelsey’s in the middle of a mess of her own making, Maggie receives amazing career news. One of her paintings has been chosen to show at a prestigious gallery, or what Maggie calls the Super Bowl of the art world. Liza learns Diana will be attending the affair (Diana’s never one to miss out on a social event), meaning her worlds will clash as they haven’t managed to in five seasons. Seriously, how have Maggie and Diana not met until tonight?

After the gallery, Diana stays the night with Enzo in Staten Island, only to meet his “chef” in the morning. Enzo’s chef, as she realizes, is his mother, whom he lives with. Diana’s mortified and truly out of her element. Suddenly she’s longing for the days when she lived with Richard and was finding his son’s sex toys stuffed into her sofa. Diana also throws down some impressive fluent Italian with Enzo’s mother and rebuffs a line of questioning on her age. This is why we stan Diana, and this is why Diana will not care about Liza’s lie.

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Liza didn’t run away.

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Empirical’s latest property isn’t a follow-up to Marriage Vacation, but it could still find its way onto Reese Witherspoon’s book club. Chrissie (Chrissy?) Hart, a fictional rock star in the vein of Courtney Love, penned the sordid details of her time in the spotlight. However, she’s not so generous with turning in pages. Hart requests that Charles pick up the manuscript she magically whipped up from her home on Shelter Island. Shocker, Charles can’t coax the book out of the rocker, which leads Diana to send Liza as backup.

Hart proceeds to hold them hostage with stories and drinks, and the carefree evening finds Liza and Charles laughing together for the first time in a long time. Liza attempts to take advantage of their renewed rapport, but Charles balks at talking about the distance between them. Instead, he leaves Hart’s home after sobering up the morning after, leaving Liza to do the dirty work with the hesitant rock star. She later drops the manuscript on Charles’ desk and proves that she’s not going to run away or give up. Your move, Charles.

What do you think, Younger fans? Can Kelsey handle her love triangle, and will Charles finally open up to Liza? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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