Are You The One? season 7: Another sham or the real deal?

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 02: (L-R) Camille Satterwhite, Giovanni Rivera, Mikala Thomas and Tori Deal attend MTV's "Are You The One?" Season Four Premiere on June 2, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for MTV)
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 02: (L-R) Camille Satterwhite, Giovanni Rivera, Mikala Thomas and Tori Deal attend MTV's "Are You The One?" Season Four Premiere on June 2, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for MTV) /

Are You The One? is an MTV dating show that brings strangers together to find their “perfect match.”

Are You The One? has six seasons so far, with the seventh season airing very soon. Each season, the series follows 22 single strangers to an isolated location, all being promised that they have the chance to walk away with love and a share of a million dollars. The test is described as “an extensive and scientific matchmaking process to find their Perfect Match.” The results are supposed to not only recognize what you like in a match but also what you need.

Throughout the season, the contestants are challenged to make connections, do well in challenges, go on dates, and ultimately, get as many confirmed “perfect matches” as possible, with the “Truth Booth.” Each week there is a ceremony where all 22 singles choose who they believe their perfect match is that week, and sit with them. For every correct perfect match, a beam of light emerges. If all 22 contestants are sitting with their perfect match, all 11 beams of light emerge, and they win the million dollars.

Here’s a snippet of season six, anger, kisses and all. The show is dramatic, romantic, and shocking to anyone who watches. It’s like The Bachelorette, but way more drama and everyone gets a rose.

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MTV: spin-offs and similar shows

MTV is known for its interesting and compelling shows, if not simply unique. They have aired shows such as Catfish: The TV Show, Teen Mom, Ex on the Beach, and many more. Ex on the Beach also features many past stars of Are You The One? in its current season.

A spin-off show has also been created, called Are You The One: Second Chances, which currently has one season. Although the spin-off is yet to have a season 2 release date, the original series will be airing its seventh season starting August 8th on MTV.

Are You The One? season 6: fake or just pure luck?

Although five out of six of the casts of Are You The One? have succeeded in their journey of finding their perfect matches, many believe the last season’s win may have been a little suspicious.

For the majority of season 6, the only confirmed perfect match in the entire house was Tyler and Nicole. With them in the honeymoon suite, the other 20 contestants were left to try to conjure as many more perfect matches as they could.

Much to their dismay, they didn’t get any other confirmed perfect matches into the Truth Booth before their 10 weeks were up and before the last match-up ceremony. Yet still, with calculated and deliberate planning and remembering potential matches, they pulled through and won the million dollars.

Many fans and viewers were skeptical about the win, saying that the show was rigged, that it was set up for the cast to win. Watch this video to see the tons of comments from viewers, some even saying that no matter how behind they are, they’ll win. And that’s exactly what happened.

There was a scene near the end of the season that shows Keith, also known as “The Mastermind” of the group, thinking of possible scenarios and matches. He eventually, by process of elimination and probability, figures out two possible scenarios. One scenario is led by Geles picking Clinton as her Perfect Match, and the other is led by her picking Ethan.

During the match-up ceremony, Geles talks about how her decision will change everything and if she picks the wrong person, they will lose a million dollars. And that would be all her fault. When thinking about how much was at stake, and how much they really knew, it just feels phonier.

Are You The One? season 7: fated to be fake?

Expanding past regular fans, now even YouTubers such as Lisa Schwartz have talked about certain reality TV shows being fake or rigged, even specifically Are You The One? She talks about how losing the game until the very last ceremony has been a pattern throughout the series, and how it very well could be rigged.

On the other hand, season 5 of Are You The One? was the first cast to ever lose the show and the one million dollars. The cast was devastated and embarrassed, being the first and only cast to ever not fulfill their task of finding all 11 of their perfect matches. The example of season 5 is a counter-argument to the “rigged series” theory. The real question is whether it’s a counter-argument or the exception to the rule?

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Do you think season 7 of Are You The One? will be fake or rigged? Do you think it’s genuine? Let us know in the comments!