What time is Big Brother on tonight, who is going home?

What time is Big Brother on tonight, who is going home? (Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS)
What time is Big Brother on tonight, who is going home? (Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 returns on Thursday night (July 19) with the next Eviction Ceremony. What a lot of fans want to know, though, is who is going home?

So, what time is Big Brother on tonight? The July 19 episode begins at 9/8c on CBS. It’s a big moment for the 2018 summer season, as well, because a really strong alliance is about to get broken up.

During the July 18 episode, CBS viewers learned what took place at the Veto Competition. Scottie Salton, who is also the Head of Household, won the Power of Veto. This kept the power in his hands, ensuring that Scottie could decide which two houseguests would be on the block.

Who is going home on Big Brother?

Either Brett Robinson or Winston Hines is going home on Big Brother 20. Those are the two houseguests on the block for the July 19 Eviction Ceremony. Scottie Salton got exactly what he wanted this week, and he is about to take out a member of the Level Six alliance. Scottie and most of the BB20 house is still unaware of this large alliance, but it is about to receive a large dent.

As it stands, there are two sides to this eviction vote. Rachel Swindler, Angela Rummons, Kaycee Clark, Sam Bledsoe, and JC Mounduix are voting against Winston. On the other side, Rockstar, Bayleigh Dayton, Faysal Shafaat, Haleigh Broucher, and Kaitlyn Herman are voting against Brett. That leaves Tyler Crispen right in the middle of things. Both voting blocks feel that Tyler is on their side.

Who will Tyler Crispen vote out of BB20 house?

Tyler has the swing vote, but it isn’t necessarily surprising which way he will vote on July 19. Tyler is sticking with the Level Six alliance, meaning he is about to vote out Winston. Kaitlyn and part of her side of the house are convinced Tyler will vote against Brett, but that simply is not the case just a few hours before the next Eviction Ceremony. While the CBS live feeds remain busy, it appears that the voting is now set.

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As a reminder of what time Big Brother is on tonight, the new episode begins at 9/8c and will cover the days leading up to the vote. By the end of the night, a third houseguest will join Steve Arienta and Swaggy C outside of the game.