Fear The Walking Dead Season 4B trailer breakdown

Fear the Walking Dead -- Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC -- Acquired via AMC Media Center
Fear the Walking Dead -- Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC -- Acquired via AMC Media Center /

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, a new trailer for Fear The Walking Dead’s upcoming season debuted. In it, the survivors are scattered and dealing with weather problems.

After the mid-season finale of Fear The Walking Dead united the survivors, it appeared as if their adventure would be a joint one. But as it turns out, they’ve gone their separate ways. The latest trailer for Season 4B aired at San Diego Comic-Con, confirming that the remaining survivors have scattered.

At the same time, the trailer reveals a few other notable points from the season, all of which fans would be interested in knowing about. In lieu of that, here’s a breakdown of the Fear The Walking Dead Season 4B trailer.

Alicia is bringing everyone together

As surprising as it may be to say, Alicia (Alicia Debnam-Carey) appears to be the character who reunites everyone. She can be seen partnered up with just about everyone, indicating her important role in the back half of Season 4B. Her dialogue in the trailer also reaffirms the notion of her seeking out her old “friends”. The question is, who’ll be the first person she contacts?

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John has gone back to his cabin

A quick shot of John (Garret Dillahunt) shows him back at the riverbed close to his cabin. He’s not with June, nor is he close to the cabin. John also looks to be fashioning a raft to travel down the river. We don’t see him venture into the body of water but glimpses of John with June and the other survivors confirm his journey lead them to one another again.

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New survivors

One of the more interesting scenes was of the new survivors joining Season 4B. Morgan and June (Jenna Elfman) encounter a group traveling in an eighteen-wheeler then have a slightly tense meeting with them. The survivors haven’t been identified yet but they can be seen traveling with Althea and June, and then again, fighting alongside Alicia and John. Therefore, it’s safe to assume the main group is getting a bit bigger.

The group is surrounded again

Similar to the midseason finale, the survivors appear to be fighting off a horde of walkers. The trailer shows them surrounded by a mass of zombie and they have to fight their way out. Alicia, John, and Luciana are with the new survivors so this might end badly. Of course, Morgan, Charlie, Victor, or Charlie could come to their rescue.

Luciana helps a new stranger

In the trailer, Luciana stumbles upon an older gentleman sitting in a car. The man asks her why she bothers to help and Luciana says she’s making up for past mistakes. What those mistakes could be is anyone’s guess, though it’s probably related to Nick’s death. Perhaps she sees helping the old man as a way to keep people from dying. Luciana wasn’t able to save Nick but becoming someone else’s savior could make up for that.

Apart from what was mentioned above, the trailer for Season 4B also brings to light a coming storm. The storm will bring with it terrible winds, rains, and zombies. Yes, the wind will become so harsh that walkers will be flopping in the wind. Flying zombies won’t be too much of a problem but we’ve already seen them dropping onto moving cars so there’s a chance they’ll lead to someone’s death. Hopefully, it’s not John or another beloved character but we shouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be.

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Fear The Walking Dead returns on August 18, 2018.