SDCC: 5 Things we learned from the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend panel


Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stopped by an SDCC panel to prepare fans for the final season. 

For Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, this is very likely the last (and first) trip to Comic-Con they’ll make before they wrap up their story and make the series a wonderful footnote. If you’re aware of Bloom’s goofball personality online and in real life (and her former YouTube life), it won’t surprise you that the panel wasjam-packedd with outstanding moments and, also, insightful things to come away with.

Moderated by series guest star Michael McMillian, who plays Bloom’s co-worker Tim, the panel opened in a way that feels all too right for a show such as this: they played a blooper reel from season 3. There wasn’t any footage from the upcoming season to show, but there was good stuff to come away with.

This was the plan from the start

Whenever a show ends, it’s often due to a decision made by the network, but Bloom and McKenna wanted to assure everyone that isn’t the case this time.

“The very end, the last scene, has always been the same. Generally, directionally, we knew what every chapter was going to be,” McKenna told the audience. Bloom also wanted to reassure people that “we knew the emotional swings. That’s why it’s four, very specific seasons. Because each season has its own angle of looking at the title, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

What season 4 will look like

Being the final season, a lot of emphasis can be put on what that will entail. According to Bloom:

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"“This season is all about putting together the pieces. How do I marry the internal with the external? The show’s about happiness. There’s a reason we said, ‘when’s the last time you were truly happy’, in the Pilot. The show’s about inner happiness and how you can externalize that in your actions. That’s what she’s learning about in season 4.”"

A Chicago song will feature next season

Fans for some time have requested that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend do a rendition of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago and that will finally be coming true. Given that the third season ended with Rebecca pleading guilty and we may or may not see her in prison, this will no doubt feed nicely into that arc next season.

Rachel Bloom previewed the season 4 theme song

An ongoing, fun thing thing that each new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gives us is a new opening credits theme song that feels a bit different than the ones that came before it. This one looks to be no exception as Bloom previewed it for the audience.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will live beyond the series 

Not only do Bloom and McKenna plan on continue collaborations in the future (including a possible movie), the two promised that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will live on in alternate iterations long after the series has ended. The idea of a live show, play version, and “other ideas” was floated around. Also, the third season soundtrack will be released on July 21, 2018.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns for its fourth and final season on the CW on October 12. Are you excited for the end? Let us know in the comments.