Vikings at SDCC 2018: 5 things we learned from the discussion panel

Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press
Photo Credit: Vikings/History Channel by Jonathan Hession Image Acquired from A&E Networks Press /

Vikings took to the SDCC 2018 stage to discuss Season 5B and 6. Here’s a look at the five important things we learned at the panel.

Vikings is History’s flagship show, bringing the history of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons. Creator Michael Hirts and stars Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Georgia Hirst, Clive Standen, and Alex Hogh Andersen took to the stage to answer questions put forward by the panel and the fans.

If you wanted spoilers, you would be disappointed. When asked about what would happen to Floki in Vikings Season 5B, Hirst had one answer: “Oh, stuff happens.” Yes, that’s as much as we get to know–and remember we last left Floki offering himself as a sacrifice to the gods.

So, since we didn’t get to know much about Floki, what else did we get to find out? Here are five things we’ve learned from Vikings at SDCC 2018.

Challenges of working with Michael Hirst

The stars have worked with creator and sole writer on the show, Michael Hirst, for some time–since the beginning for Katheryn Winnick. However, our collected and passionate Lagertha is stepping behind the camera for the first time in Vikings Season 6. She shared that directing ad working with Hirst behind the camera is a challenge but satisfying at the same time.

Her co-stars have nothing but good to say about Winnick behind the camera. While Alex Hogh Andersen may play Lagertha’s archnemesis onscreen, he’s sweet and kind to her offscreen. He shared how inspiring it was to see her behind the camera.

Learning Viking Nordic is hard

I recently listened to a History Extra podcast about the series and the languages were brought up. A lot of research has gone into creating the languages of the time, especially the Viking Nordic. One of the most important things in terms of languages and initial setup was to be on point with the history. However, learning these languages haven’t been easy.

Most fans are Team Lagertha

Vikings Season 5B has fans split in two: Team Lagertha and Team Ivar. Well, sort of split in two. If you’re on Team Lagertha, you’re in the majority in the panel room. Clive Standen decided to put it to a vote within the room, and Ivar certainly got a lot of boos.

But it turns out that the fans aren’t the only ones who are Team Lagertha. A surprising someone isn’t even on his own team!

They show is going to have to get a move on. Lagertha is aging, according to Winnick. She spends about three hours a day in makeup for the character–although I do wonder how much of that is on the hair!

Just how many people are on Team Ivar though in the show? Well, it looks like we can’t discount Rollo switching sides. The final moments of the Vikings Season 5A finale brought Rollo back after a long break without him. Standen is back for the second half, and for good reason apparently. What will that reason be? Try to guess and then assume the opposite! He’s back for himself.

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Don’t worry about Torvi

During Vikings Season 5A, Bjorn ended his relationship with Torvi. Of course, he’s still going to be there for his children and would fight alongside her, but there is no romantic love for her anymore. Worried about Torvi? There’s no need to be. Georgia Hirst (who is the daughter of the series creator) says that Torvi is absolutely fine with Ubbe. It looks like Torvi and Ubbe will still be together in the next half of the season, which will cause some issues.

As for Bjorn, he is going to go down a dark path. Glad we got that warning before the last thing we learned.

The Vikings Season 5B trailer is here with release date

It was the one thing we were promised from the whole panel. We finally got the promo for Vikings Season 5B and it was definitely worth the wait. This is going to be a stressful civil war between brothers and there are some surprising twists already. Check it out!

More importantly, we got a Vikings Season 5B release date. Get November 28 in your diaries!

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What did you learn from the Vikings panel at SDCC 2018? What are you looking forward to seeing? Share in the comments below.

Vikings Season 5B premieres on November 28 at 9/8c on History.