Timeless star hints at something big coming!

TIMELESS Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC via NBC MediaVillage
TIMELESS Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC via NBC MediaVillage /

Timeless star Goran Visnjic let slip that something big is coming for Timeless fans, but what could it be?

This is one of the major drawbacks of being a fan. Getting a hint of something big coming but having to wait to find out what it is. That is exactly what Goran Visnjic has done to all the Timeless fans out there as he hints at something big coming.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Goran Visnjic posted about guest starring in the next season of the Netflix original, Santa Clarita Diet. He also dropped at the end of the announcement that some exciting news about Timeless is coming our way.

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Now Timeless is, for all intents and purposes, dead. Fan campaigns are running right now to see the show return, SDCC has been rocking thanks to the Timeless fandom and the HeliCLOCKter, but as far as networks are concerned, it’s over. They passed on saving the show, as confirmed by co-creator Shawn Ryan.

So for Goran Visnjic to come out with this statement is a huge surprise.


So what might it mean?

Well the main thing we will be hoping for, is the announcement of season 3. Maybe a network has decided to save the show, or maybe NBC decided to do a u-turn……again.

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Another possibility is the movie has been confirmed. A possible 2-hour movie to wrap loose ends was on the table after the cancellation was made. A decision about this has not been made, or at least as far as we are aware anyway.

Then there is the possible news that is good, but not as good as a season 3 or movie.

A season 2 DVD release may be the announcement; Timeless actions figures commissioned; Timeless panel at the next big convention; one of the cast will be in the HeliCLOCKter, etc, etc.

There is a whole load of possibilities that Goran Visnjic could be hinting at. Not all of them great.

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What do you think the announcement will be? Something major? Or something not so major? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.