Big Brother 20 recap: July 22 episode spoilers include a new HOH

Big Brother 20 recap: July 22 episode spoilers include a new HOH. (HOH Competition Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: July 22 episode spoilers include a new HOH. (HOH Competition Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 recap time arrived again with the July 22 episode. Quite a few spoilers would be revealed by the end of the night, including the name of the new Head of Household and who they nominated for eviction.

There was a lot to cover during the “previously on Big Brother” segment. A breakdown of the alliances was given, noting that the Level Six alliance was about to lose its first person. The Eviction Ceremony came down to Winston Hines vs Brett Robinson. Each side wanted to evict a different person. In the end, Winston was evicted by a 6-5 vote, with Tyler Crispen as the deciding vote to send him home. It’s Big Brother 20 recap time!

Episode 12 gets started

At the start of the July 22 episode, footage of a fight between Brett Robinson and Rockstar was shown. Brett had stated that Rockstar came to him with a plan to flip the vote and that she was going to pin it on Kaitlyn Herman. It was a lie, but it got people really scrambling in the house. Kaitlyn was a bit upset about it, going to Tyler Crispen and trying to get him to swear on his father he had voted to evict Brett. He didn’t and wouldn’t swear on it.

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Big Brother 20 recap: Endurance Competition

The power was up for grabs again, as the latest Head of Household Competition began. The 12 participating houseguests had to stand on elevated logs and have stuff shot at them as their platforms tilted. The last person standing would end up becoming the new Head of Household.

Rockstar fell first and was quite upset about it. Faysal fell next, followed by Brett, Bayleigh, Angela, and Rachel (in that order). Haleigh and JC fell next, leaving just four people. Tyler, Sam, Kaycee, and Kaitlyn were the last four standing. Kaitlyn and Kaycee fell, leaving just Sam and Tyler battling it out. With the convincing of Sam, Tyler dropped out of the challenge. Sam Bledsoe is the Week 4 HOH.

Rockstar breaks down

Rockstar did not appreciate the lies that Brad was trying to tell. She cried a lot about it and had to be comforted. Later, she would start following Brett around the house, banging a spoon against a metal pot and causing quite a stir.

Meanwhile, Faysal was getting frustrated about what took place at the eviction vote. JC was in his ear about Kaitlyn flipping, even though it was Tyler who actually flipped the vote.

Faysal almost figured out that Kaitlyn had been lying to him for weeks, but she cried herself out of the situation. It also helped that Sam called everyone up to see her HOH room in the midst of her latest act. Sam made an announcement that she already knew who she was going to nominate and that she wouldn’t be having any one-on-ones.

Week 4 Nomination Ceremony

Sam Bledsoe hosted the Nomination Ceremony to wrap up the episode. There were very few hints in the episode leading up to it, as Sam did end up keeping it under wraps until the last minute. Sam nominated Kaitlyn Herman and Haleigh Broucher for eviction. During her speech, she stated that she nominated them because “she thinks they take the most from the house and contribute the least.” She also stated that she didn’t care for how they treated the men in the BB20 house and that it was “the opposite of female empowerment.”

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That brings an end to the July 22 Big Brother 20 recap. The next episode of the show is July 25. This is when the Power of Veto winner will get revealed. A previous report on Inside the BB House covered the Veto Competition results. It could lead to a very exciting Eviction Ceremony on July 26.