Big Brother 20 spoilers: Update on Week 4, eviction target revealed

Big Brother has evolved a lot since first season on CBS (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother has evolved a lot since first season on CBS (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers continue to come out of the house this weekend. From a houseguest threating to quit to the Power of Veto results, the next Eviction Ceremony is forecasted to be a good one for CBS viewers.

As of Sunday night (July 22), a lot has taken place during Week 4 in the BB20 house. It goes back to when Winston Hines got evicted by a 6-5 vote and the remaining houseguests battled in an Endurance Competition. Those HOH Competition results served as exciting Big Brother 20 spoilers on the live feeds. Subscribers were allowed to watch the entire competition play out online.

A new HOH and her nominations

Sam Bledsoe won the Head of Household Competition, thanks to Tyler Crispen quitting. Still, Sam showed a lot of grit by remaining in the challenge for so long. As a result of that win, she got to name two houseguests for eviction. With a plan in mind, Sam told Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman the bad news at the Nomination Ceremony. She also made some interesting comments that should get showcased during the July 22 episode.

The Week 4 Power of Veto Big Brother 20 spoilers

Joining Sam Bledsoe, Haleigh Broucher, and Kaitlyn Herman in the Veto Competition were Rockstar, Faysal Shafaat, and JC Mounduix. Faysal won the Power of Veto and Sam let him know that he could do anything he wanted to with it. Faysal was placed in a difficult position, as he has been friends with both Haleigh and Kaitlyn for a while. When he told Kaitlyn he might not take her off the block, she nearly quit the show.

Later, Faysal told Haleigh that he would use the Power of Veto to save her. This means that Sam will need to name a replacement nominee at the Veto Ceremony on Monday (July 23). What will she do? That’s a bit up in the air still, as Sam has told many people in the BB20 house that she isn’t going to announce her choice advance. A number of people have been told that they are safe this week, but she may consider using a pawn if her target for eviction is Kaitlyn Herman.

Next: BB20 Rumors About Bonus Life Power For Sam

The next Eviction Ceremony takes place on July 26 and it is going to be an exciting episode. Following the eviction vote, someone will have a chance to return to the game. The above link covers Big Brother 20 rumors about the Bonus Life. Will Sam regret not using it to save Winston Hines last week? Tune in to find out!