Is Briana DeJesus feeling sick over Bristol’s much bigger pay check?


Briana DeJesus is feeling sick. But since she didn’t say why fans guessed she was pregnant or feeling jealous over Bristol Palin’s big paycheck for Teen Mom.

Briana DeJesus recently revealed that she was feeling sick. On Twitter, she revealed that she was feeling sick to her stomach but she didn’t share why. The news came on Saturday and it’s possible that she was just feeling sick to her stomach because she was under the weather or had caught a bug. But it’s also possible that she was feeling sick because she had just learned about Bristol Palin’s big payday for joining Teen Mom OG.

Several of her fans pointed out that she could be feeling sick for various reasons, including being pregnant. Some people did guess that Briana DeJesus was pregnant, even though she has denied this several times. But others thought that she was reacting to the news that Palin would get a much higher salary than Briana. Palin is joining Teen Mom OG to replace Farrah Abraham, while Briana DeJesus filmed Teen Mom 2.

On Twitter, one person commented that it was shocking to learn that Bristol Palin was getting $250,000 for one season of Teen Mom OG with the chance of getting $100,000 more for two additional seasons. The reason why it was shocking is that Briana DeJesus is rumored to only be getting $20,000.

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Fans feel that Briana DeJesus should definitely get more, as she dealt with Javi Marroquin’s drama. He showed up to her surgery in Miami, calling him a stalker for not giving her space after their flopped engagement.

What do you think about the differences in pay? Do you think Briana DeJesus is feeling sick because Palin is getting so much more from MTV?