Sharp Objects episode 3 recap: A glimpse into Camille’s past

Episode 3, debut 7/22/18: Chris Messina, Amy Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations.
Episode 3, debut 7/22/18: Chris Messina, Amy Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations. /

On this week’s Sharp Objects, we get a look into Camille’s past. Here is everything that happened in Fix…

This week’s episode, titled “Fix”, opens on Amma out partying late at night with her friends. Vickery catches them and tells them to go home. Camille finds a drunk Amma on her front lawn. She brings her in her room and takes care of her. Amma starts asking her personal questions. She says she wants to know her. Camille flashes back to a mental hospital. At the hospital, she checks herself in. There, she is roomed with Alice, a teenager who seems antisocial.

The next morning, Curry calls and tells Camille he wants her to dig deeper. Amma pretends to be sick so Adora doesn’t know she’s hungover. Willis tries convincing Vickery the crimes were committed by someone the girls knew, crimes of passion. Vickery argues it was someone random from out of town.

Camille tries talking to Natalie Keene’s mom but is turned away. Outside the house she meets Ashley, John Keene’s girlfriend. Ashley tells Camille she should talk to John. Camille flashes to the mental hospital again. We see her form a close bond with Alice, who also self harms.

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In the present, she follows Willis into a diner. She tries getting more information from him and he lets slip about his argument with Vickery. He tells her to stay away from him.

Camille interviews Bob Nash at his house. She asks him about his DUIs and assault charges. His anger builds as he starts talking about how the police are targeting him as a suspect. Adora shows up and apologizes for Camille’s behavior. She demands that Camille leaves.

After leaving the Nash house, Camille spots Amma. She follows her into the slaughterhouse where she sees her carrying a pig.

Adora has Vickery over her house. She thanks him for tipping her off about Camille’s presence at the Nash’s. He informs her about Amma being out after curfew. Adora yells for Amma and chastises her (finally!).

Sharp Objects mental health
Episode 3, debut 7/22/18: Sydney Sweeney, Amy Anne Marie Fox/HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site. /

Camille interviews Ashley and John at Ashley’s house. Ashley is dressed in a cheerleading uniform (weird). Camille mentions Bob Nash and John gets angry at the mention of his name. She asks him for his alibi. He states he was on the road at the time. Still angry, John says he wishes Natalie and Ann never met and that he hates the town. He storms off. Camille leaves a note on the desk.

Back home, Camille tries to apologize to Adora, but Adora just reprimands her more.

Camille remembers the mental hospital again. Alice is upset about her family. Camille gets music from the nurse to comfort Alice.

Adora tells Alan she worries about Camille’s influence on Amma. Late at night, Amma comes into Camille’s room and tries to convince her to go out partying with her. Camille refuses.

Camille goes to the local bar. There she finds a drunk Willis. He makes a proposition for her: if she shows him around town, he will answer three questions. Outside the bar, they sit on her car and bond. Amma and her friends spot them. Amma teases them both. They tell her to go home.

On the drive home, Camille thinks about the mental hospital again. In the hospital, Camille finds Alice dead in her room. She killed herself. In the present, Camille swerves off the road.

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This episode was more slower paced and it ultimately dragged because of it. However, it was interesting to get a glimpse into Camille’s past and learn more about her character. It seems like Camille tries to find a replacement sister for Mariah. She had one in Alice and is struggling to have one with Amma.

Sharp Objects airs Sunday nights on HBO.