Timeless fans need big news before they go nuts

Photo credit: Timeless/NBC by Justin Lubin; Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Timeless/NBC by Justin Lubin; Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Big news about Timeless is coming, but it better come soon. Clockblockers are struggling to deal with all the cryptic messages being sent.

Timeless has some big news coming but whatever this big news is, it needs to be announced soon as fans of the NBC series are struggling to cope. As one fan pointed out, “we are on pins and needles.”

It all started out at during this weekend’s Comic-Con. While dedicated Clockblockers were out watching the HeliCLOCKter fly by the convention centre showing support for #SaveTimeless #SaveRufus, Goran Visnjic, who plays Garcia Flynn in Timeless, dropped a huge hint about big Timeless news coming.

Obviously, this sent fans a bit crazy. All of them want to see the show return either with a season 3 or movie, but they also don’t want to get their hopes up either.

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Then Matt Lanter, Wyatt Logan, shared some interesting Comic-Con badges on his Instagram account. This did nothing to calm down fans. In fact, it made things worse tenfold.

Then Malcolm Barrett, Rufus Carlin, who came out to see all of the Clcokblockers who gathered outside SDCC for the Timeless fan meet up and HeliCLOCKter viewing party, supposedly hinted at something big coming as well.

Comic-Con has now passed and there has still been no announcement on what this big news is that Goran Visnjic hinted at. And this is not cool. Timeless fans deserve to know what this news is. They have campaigned long and hard and deserve to hear some good news.

They, including myself, are anxiously waiting to hear what we hope will be the news of Timeless season 3 or a movie. So please, if anybody up in the higher archy of power is reading this, please tell us.

We are all on pins and needles out here.

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What do you think the big news might be? Are you desperately hoping to hear about it soon? Share your thoughts in the comment below.