BB20 jury: Cast starts discussing how close jury house is for some

BB20 jury: Cast starts discussing how close jury house is for some. (Winston Hines Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
BB20 jury: Cast starts discussing how close jury house is for some. (Winston Hines Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

The BB20 jury is already a topic in the house. Cast members have been discussing the jury house and how close the summer 2018 season is to that point.

It’s almost time for the jury to start forming on Big Brother 20. If the cast is correct in what they have stated on the live feeds, there will be nine members of the BB20 jury. It means that once a fifth person has been sent home, every eviction after that point sends someone to the jury house. With Steve Arienta, Swaggy C, and Winston Hines already gone, the BB20 jury is just two evictions away from starting up. The results of the Week 4 Veto Ceremony point to a fourth eviction taking place soon.

The BB20 jury house

For new viewers to the show or new readers to Inside the BB House, the BB20 jury will determine which houseguest wins the $500,000 cash prize this summer. When Big Brother 20 is down to its final 11 houseguests, the next person evicted will get sent directly to the jury house, where they will await more voters. Then, on the season finale, the BB20 jury will vote which person they feel deserves to win the season.

So far, Steve Arienta, Swaggy C, and Winston Hines have been evicted. Once two more people have been sent home, the BB20 jury house will get some use. Staying in a mansion for the rest of the summer isn’t exactly a bad thing either. As seen on the CBS live feeds over the past few days, the cast has already been discussing jury votes. While it’s a bit too early for those talks, a reality is that the jury could begin in less than two weeks.

What comes next on Big Brother 20

The next Big Brother 20 episode is on July 25 at 8/7c. During that episode, the Veto Competition will get shown. It will also show how the Power of Veto winner decided on their plan for the week. It created a lot of drama in the BB20 house, so CBS certainly has a lot of footage to show. Some of that footage could also rag into the July 26 eviction episode. Could it mean another HOH Competition playing out on the live feeds after the episode runs out of time?

Next: How Will Bonus Life Power Work On July 26?

What is known, is that the July 26 episode will feature the Bonus Life power getting used. The newly evicted houseguest will get a chance to immediately return to the game. If they fail to return, it means only one more eviction after that is necessary before the BB20 jury begins. Unless, of course, a form of a Battle Back Competition takes place. Even if there is one, Swaggy C won’t get to participate.