Fall 2018 schedule complete: When do all your favorite shows return?

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Supernatural — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR

Each network has finally released its complete fall 2018 schedule. Here’s a look at the date every show will return when the season starts.

The dates for when the fall season will start on every network are finally here. NBC and FOX were the first to share theirs last month. We’ve been waiting around for ABC to finally give us dates, which happened on July 24. Now we can finally start planning our TV viewing for the next season.

Most of the shows are returning as and when we’d expect. NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC start most of their main lineup in September, with The CW holding off until October, as usual. But there are a few changes here and there.

With the dates here, it’s time to get your full fall 2018 schedule in order. Here are all the dates you need to put in your diaries. Remember there are a few changes to the lineups this year, with the likes of Bull moving to Monday nights, all the One Chicago shows finally airing on one night, and The CW adding Sundays to their primetime lineup.

I’ll run through this one network at a time.

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