Leah Messer is turning her life around after years of feeling unworthy

Leah Messer is currently in California where she shared that she had once felt unworthy. Now, she’s changing her look on her life and success.

Leah Messer was furious when she learned that Ali’s aid at school would no longer be assisting her, even though Ali desperately needed someone by her side at school. Leah revealed that Ali needed an aid at school because she can’t carry her own backpack at school and she can’t always wipe herself when she’s going to the bathroom. Both Leah and Corey Simms were furious with the decision, as the aid had been cut due to funding cuts and savings.

But it sounds like Leah Messer is finally stepping it up when it comes to her career. For a while, Leah had worked hard on going back to school, and she wanted to work towards becoming a public speaker. However, she put all of those things on hold to pursue something else. This week, she was in Beverly Hills and she teased that something big was coming to her Teen Mom 2 followers.


When she announced that she was working on something awesome, Leah Messer revealed that there had been days where she felt completely unworthy. She also points out that she lacked confidence for years and she even contemplated a world without her.

But she revealed that she was so excited about the big news coming soon, sharing hashtags that were all about living your standard and loving yourself. It sounds like her new journey is all about helping others through her public speaking and motivational coaching. But it will be interesting to see how it works out.

What do you think about Leah Messer going to Beverly Hills to work on something amazing?