Could Timeless be the reason for Colony’s cancellation?

Photo credit: Timeless/NBC by Paul Drinkwater; Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Timeless/NBC by Paul Drinkwater; Acquired via NBC Media Village /

The USA Network canceled Colony. Is this because they are thinking of stepping in and saving NBC’s Timeless?

Colony fans learned over the weekend that the USA Network had decided to cancel the series. Understandably fans of the adventure drama are upset to see the series go, but it could be news that another fandom will one day celebrate. The Timeless fandom, a.k.a the Clockblockers.

Fans of the NBC series have been, to put it bluntly, messed around with. Threatened with cancelation from the moment the second season got underway, social media campaigns by the fandom ran nonstop to ensure it was renewed for another season.

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As season 2 came to an end there was much discussion over if Timeless would be renewed for a third season. With poor viewing figures, but a load and vocal fan base, it put the network on the fence. Decisions were postponed and as time went on, fans were sure this could only mean good news; that the announcement of season 3 would come. After all, if they were going to cancel the show, why make them wait months for a decision?

Unfortunately, that is what happened. Timeless was canceled by NBC. Fans have since rallied together to convince another network to save the show or give it a finale movie. No network came forward, but that still didn’t stop determined fans. Social Media campaigns set the internet on fire, letters to network bosses were sent, and even a helicopter, dubbed the HeliCLOCKter, was organized and flown over SDCC.

All of this seems to have made an impact because the stars of the series, and even the Timeless writers, have been teasing about something big coming. And that “something big” might be the return of Timeless over on The USA Network, replacing the canceled Colony.

Timeless is replacing Colony

Here me out;

Let’s look at the statistics that networks take into account the most; viewing figures. When comparing the viewing figures of all The USA Network shows, none of them outperform Timeless. If Timeless did move over, then it would become the best performing show based on the season 2 figures; both in demographic and overall viewing numbers.

The next piece to the puzzle is the network. The USA Network is part of NBC. So that would mean discussions over the rights of the show would be much easier with The USA Network than another network that has no connection to NBC, like Netflix. Rather than starting from fresh, they would probably just alter what they already had.

Photo credit: Timeless/NBC by Justin Lubin Acquired via NBC Media Village
Photo credit: Timeless/NBC by Justin Lubin Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Another key point is this could only happen now, rather than during the upfronts because Colony had only just started back. It was still early days for Colony so they couldn’t make a decision about its fate at the time Timeless was canceled and therefore couldn’t save Timeless back then.

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Lastly are the actors. They are no longer under contract, and as far it is known, the only person who has taken a new role is Matt Lanter. But that is only for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a voice only role and only for one whole season; so not a massive issue to deal with.

So when you look at all the little pieces, it is possible that Timeless will make the move and this is why Colony was canceled. We know “big news” is coming, hopefully, it’s Timeless moving over to the USA Network.

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What do you think? Am I onto something? Or have I lost it? Share your thoughts in the comment below.