Young & Hungry series finale preview: Will Gabi choose her job over Josh?

Photo Credit: Young & Hungry/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press
Photo Credit: Young & Hungry/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press /

In the series finale of Young & Hungry, Gabi must make a choice between a life with Josh or a job with Alex Guarnaschelli. What will she choose?

After a generous four-year buffet of comedy, it all comes down to the series finale of Young & Hungry. Youngries have watched Gabi and Josh fall in and out of love, try to make their relationship work, and unavoidably let it go to flames time and time again. But as Season 5 draws to its indefinite close, Jabi’s stronger than ever. Although, are they really strong and stable, or can one proposal from Food Network chef Alex Guarnaschelli capsize their ship?

The series finale of Young & Hungry begins with Josh finally admitting his secret to Gabi: He’s a practicing magician. A millionaire who moonlights as a magician? Live your dreams, Josh. Meanwhile, Sofia introduces Nick to her intimidating grandmother and Yolanda meets her pen pal who’s just released from prison. But when Josh takes the gang on a yacht, Gabi experiences an unexpected sea change. Both Josh and Alex Guarnaschelli pop questions that pull her in two different directions. Will Gabi make the right decision?

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How did Josh become a magician, and why did he keep his talent (passion?) for the art of magic under wraps for so long? Does Yolanda connect with her prison pen pal, and does Sofia’s grandmother approve of the handsome but headstrong Nick? Will Gabi choose to work for Chef Alex in Seattle or live happily ever after with Josh? Maybe, just maybe, Gabi can meddle in her own life and have it all. Don’t miss the finale episodes this Wednesday to catch the last helping of Young & Hungry and see how the delicious final course ends. Until then, watch an exclusive first look at the series finale in the trailer below!

Wondering what we can expect from the latest episode of Young & Hungry’s final season? Here’s a look at the official synopsis for “Young & Magic” via Freeform:

"Josh decides to finally reveal a deep secret to Gabi – he’s a magician. While initially supportive, Gabi becomes frustrated when Josh’s magic takes over their lives. Sofia is terrified to introduce her stern grandmother to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yolanda’s pen pal is being released from prison, and wants to meet in person."

Hungry for more? Here’s the official synopsis for “Young & Yacht’in”:

"In the series finale, Josh takes the gang for a getaway on his new yacht, where Gabi hits it off with the yacht’s chef (Alex Guarnaschelli – playing herself). When Alex offers Gabi an amazing opportunity, it ruins Josh’s plans. Meanwhile, Sofia has a terrible misunderstanding about her boyfriend and Elliot and Alan meet a flirty steward."

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When, where, and how can you get your final taste of Young & Hungry as it serves up its last batch of episodes? As luck would have it, you can currently binge-watch the first four and a half seasons on Netflix. But if you’re addicted to Gabi and Josh’s never-ending tasting menu of chaos, you will not want to miss a minute of the final 10 episodes of the series, which are hitting the table two at a time on Wednesday nights. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you don’t skip a single course of Young & Hungry Season 5B!

When? Wednesday, July 25
What time? 8:00, 8:30 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 5, Episode 19, “Young & Magic” and Season 5, Episode 20, “Young & Yacht’in”
Where? Freeform
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2