Young & Hungry series finale react: So… the movie’s happening, right?

Photo Credit: Young & Hungry/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press
Photo Credit: Young & Hungry/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press /

After the series finale’s cliffhanger, Young & Hungry left Gabi and Josh’s future uncertain. Are we actually going to get that followup movie?

When Freeform announced Young & Hungry’s cancellation after five seasons, the network offered a glimmer of hope: A potential wrap-up movie. Following the sitcom’s series finale, it’s clear as day why the possibility of a film could be on the table, and it has everything to do with that cliffhanger ending. Television fans talk a lot about unsatisfying series finales, but I have to say, that How I Met Your Mother finale’s looking pretty good right about now.

In the first episode of Young & Hungry’s one-hour series finale, Gabi grappled with Josh’s announcement that he’s a magician — sorry, ma-Josh-an — while Sofia dreaded the wrath of her stern grandmother upon introducing her to Nick. But it’s the second half-hour that will have diehard Youngries up in arms. Josh takes the gang out on his yact, the SS Dock Com, where he plans to propose to Gabi. Of course, the plans go awry almost immediately.

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On board the ship, Food Network favorite Alex Guarnaschelli suprises Gabi and offers her a job as a sous chef at her restaurant in Seattle. Soon, she and Sofia are discussing her new opportunity and freaking out that Sofia could be getting engaged. See, Sofia caught Nick hiding the box containing Josh’s engagement ring, and due to Nick’s latest case representing a drug lord, Sofia believes it to be drugs. She’s relieved to discover she’s getting married.

One jump for joy later, and the ring ends up sailing over the edge of the ship into the ocean. Both Gabi and Sofia dive overboard after the ring and clear up the misunderstanding. It’s classic Young & Hungry right until the bitter end, and that includes Gabi and Josh arguing over the trajectory of their relationship. Gabi wants to take the sous chef position, but she also wants to stay with Josh. She wants to bake her cake and eat it, too; be a career woman and have a supportive partner. You could say this was Jabi’s first real adult discussion of their relationship.

Photo Credit: Younger & Hungry/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press
Photo Credit: Younger & Hungry/Freeform, Acquired From Disney ABC Press /

But rather than hearing an answer to Gabi’s proposal to Josh, in which she drops to one knee and asks Josh to marry her and come to Seattle with her, the series left that question unanswered. Even though it’s not the end (Yolanda ends up in bed with Elliot and Alan and snatches her own wig to fend off a fourth party), it still stings that not only do fans not have an opportunity to see Gabi and Josh ride off into the sunset, they don’t get to see Young & Hungry off on its own terms.

To allow a long-running ratings hit end without wrapping up its narrative and to deprive a fanbase of a satisfying conclusion is truthfully unkind and belittling of the investment they made in the series. We don’t tune into a series for five years to watch a finale close on such a bold question mark. Granted, a sixth season seemed like a possibility at the time of filming, but now that followup movie is the only hope we have of learning exactly what Josh said to Gabi and what happily ever after really looks like for this chaotic bunch.

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Emily Osment spoke with TV Line after the finale and said that the cast remains in talks for the movie, but given Freeform’s track record with Sofia’s scrapped spin-off and the canceled Greek reunion movie, we shouldn’t make like Yolanda on a yacht and get our hopes too high. In the event that the movie doesn’t move forward and fans don’t receive the closure they deserve, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that Young & Hungry was a delicious helping of TV comfort food week after week. Cliffhangers be damned, let’s give this show our gratitude.

What do you think, Youngries? Are you crossing your fingers for the followup movie? Make some noise in the comments and on Twitter if you want to see the Jabi wedding!

Young & Hungry is available to stream on Netflix.