8 characters we want to see in American Horror Story: Apocalypse

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3. Cordelia Foxx

Let’s be honest, when you hear that there would be a season of American Horror Story where Murder House and Coven would cross, you immediately thought of the Supremes. That means you thought of Cordelia Foxx, played by Sarah Paulson.

After spending most of the season blind from an acid attack, she gained her sight back after going through the trials and proving herself worthy. We all know she’s an excellent Supreme. She’s kind and nurturing to the girls. We need a character like that in any season of American Horror Story since most characters are evil, selfish, or up to something dangerous. Plus, with it being Paulson, we know it’s a highly possible character to return.

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2. Madison Montgomery

There is only one other from Coven who could come in and really stir things up. It’s all about Madison Montgomery. For the most part of the season, I didn’t like her, but there’s one reason I’d like to see her in this crossover season.

It’s all in the name. Montgomery.

You may remember that from Coven as the name of the doctor and his wife who were the original owners of the Murder House. There has long been a theory that this name choice wasn’t coincidental, especially since Madison is a murderous witch with the power to bring people back to life. Is it possible we’ll see that connection in full this season?