Big Brother 20 Episode 13 recap: A few key takeaways from Veto Day

Big Brother 20 Episode 13 recap: A few takeaways from Veto Day. (Kaitlyn Herman Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)
Big Brother 20 Episode 13 recap: A few takeaways from Veto Day. (Kaitlyn Herman Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS) /

The Big Brother 20 Episode 13 recap comes from Wednesday night (July 25) on CBS. There are a few takeaways that viewers should remember as the next Eviction Ceremony draws closer in the BB20 house.

This was an important episode for the show, as Faysal Shafaat had to choose which duo he wanted to be part of the most. After Faysal won the Power of Veto, he had to decide if he was going to save Haleigh Broucher or Kaitlyn Herman from the block. Faysal saved Haleigh, turning Kaitlyn against him in the BB20 house. That might be the most important detail from Big Brother 20 Episode 13.

Sam Bledsoe hurts relationship with JC

When Sam almost used JC as the replacement nominee at the Veto Ceremony, it hurt the trust he has for her in the game. He also broke the rule of remaining silent during the Veto Ceremony but kept himself off the block.

Rockstar gets nominated

Sam ended up choosing Rockstar to go up on the block next to Kaitlyn. It means that the first evicted woman will leave the house on July 26. It caused a stir on social media, as this isn’t exactly a “female empowerment” move by Sam.

Bonus Life power is about to get used

Because Sam didn’t use her top-trending power, it will go to the evicted houseguest on Thursday night. There are a lot of questions about the Bonus Life power, but what is known is that it will involve a puzzle.

Big Brother 20 rolls on

The one-hour episode was an intriguing one, but now the July 26 episode could be even better. A lot has taken place inside the BB20 house since the Veto Competition. That includes a Rockstar apology, Sam and Tyler speaking in-depth, and a lot of new chatter about the eviction vote. Could there be a surprise vote when it all goes down “live” on CBS?

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Big Brother 20 Episode 13 can now be viewed through the CBS All Access application or through OnDemand.