Twilight of justice: A requiem for the DCEU

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What the Worlds of DC can learn from the DCEU

The first and most important lesson Warner Bros. can take away from the DCEU is to focus on telling one story at a time. The best film in the franchise was Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. Not only was the film set in a different time and place than the rest of the cinematic universe, it featured a full fleshed out vision of its protagonist. As such, Diana felt multifaceted and relatable in a way no other DCEU character did.  If Wonder Woman spent a significant amount of time setting up other franchise and sequels, it wouldn’t hit the way it did.

Along similar lines, the Worlds of DC movies would be well severed by telling stories that have distinct tones. While Man of Steel and Wonder Woman were both coming-of-age tales, their settings and styles were so different one didn’t feel like a retread of the other. Compare that to how Dr. Strange feels like a near remake of Iron Man. And given that the DC comic book universes are populated by pulp heroes, fantasy villains and science-fiction technology, there’s no reason for the DC films to look and feel the same.

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If it’s going to thrive, the DC Cinematic Universe needs to feel unique. Making movies that feel indistinct or too similar to MCU fare will inevitably burn out audiences on superhero movies for a generation. If there’s one thing that the post-Snyder DC films should take from the DCEU, it’s the drive to make movies that feel as unique and bombastic as the comic books that inspired their creation.

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