Chelsea DeBoer breaks her silence about loaded gun situation

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Chelsea DeBoer watched Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2 and wondered whether Jenelle really left Jace alone in the car with a loaded gun.

Chelsea DeBoer doesn’t say much about her co-stars on Twitter as she watches Teen Mom 2. She will comment on things that fans say if she has an answer to their questions, but it sounds like Chelsea felt she had to say something about the road rage scene. Specifically, Chelsea felt odd about the whole situation, where Jenelle got out of the car to speak to the officer. She questioned whether she had actually left the loaded gun in the car with Jace.

It was actually Chelsea DeBoer’s father Randy who questioned this on Twitter, with Chelsea weighing in that she thought the same thing. On this particular issue, the entire Teen Mom 2 cast is questioning why Jenelle didn’t think about removing the gun to protect Jace. Many other viewers felt that she had indeed been complacent with the gun, not thinking about how Jace could have potentially shot himself in the car.

It’s interesting that Chelsea DeBoer is breaking her silence about this issue, as she’s often not the type to speak out about the dramatic storylines of her co-stars. But after Jenelle called her a saint, Chelsea may feel that she can speak out about her co-star’s story.

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These days, Chelsea DeBoer is just waiting in South Dakota. She recently revealed that she wasn’t going anywhere before the baby is born. Chelsea has revealed that she’s starting to experience pre-labor pains, but she is only 33 weeks so she still has some time to go.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer’s comment about Jenelle Evans’ road rage scene? Do you think Chelsea and her father has a good point?