Everything to know about Jennifer Garner’s return to TV in HBO’s Camping

Photo: David Tennant, Jennifer Garner (Credit: Anne Marie Fox/HBO) Camping
Photo: David Tennant, Jennifer Garner (Credit: Anne Marie Fox/HBO) Camping /

From Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, Camping starring Jennifer Garner premieres on HBO this fall. Get all the details and watch the trailer!

Golden Globe winner and four-time Emmy nominee Jennifer Garner is coming to collect her hardware. Twelve years after saying goodbye to television and Sydney Bristow when Alias signed off in 2006, Garner returns to TV in HBO’s new comedy series Camping. We’re glad to have you back, Jen!

Although in recent years Garner has turned to playing the mom in movies and focused on her line of cold-pressed baby food, America’s sweetheart and single best Instagram mom (behind only Britney Spears) is primed to make a major comeback this fall in action film Peppermint and an even bigger comeback on the small screen in Camping. So, when does the show premiere and what’s it all about? Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s it about?

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Based on the six-episode British comedy series of the same name, Camping centers on Kathryn (Jennifer Garner), who plans a camping trip to celebrate her husband Walt’s (David Tennant), 45th birthday. Kathryn, who’s described as a controlling and obsessive LA mom, gathers a group of friends to hit the woods, but the should-be fun trip turns into everything but. The celebratory camping excursion heightens emotions and tensions and creates memories they will never forget.

Who’s in it?

Of course, Jennifer Garner headlines the series, and Doctor Who’s David Tennant pulls second lead. The rest of the ensemble includes the talents of Juliette Lewis as Jandice, Arturo Del Puerto as Miguel, Ione Skye as Carleen, Janicza Bravo as Nina-Joy, Brett Gelman as George, and Bridget Everett as Harry. The series also counts a dynamic duo behind the camera with Girls creative team Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner joining forces again as producers and writers (and quite possibly directors).

Photo: Jen Garner, Brett Gelman, Janicza Brava, David Tennant (Credit: Anne Marie Fox/HBO) Camping
Photo: Jen Garner, Brett Gelman, Janicza Brava, David Tennant (Credit: Anne Marie Fox/HBO) Camping /

When does it premiere?

As announced by HBO, Camping will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 14, giving the new series the prime fall launch Jennifer Garner’s return to television deserves. Most importantly, you might be wondering how to watch the series. Besides watching live on HBO, cord cutters, too, can enjoy Camping in all its hilarious glory. The show will also stream on HBO GO and HBO NOW, as well as on demand and partners’ streaming platforms. There’s plenty of chances hit the campsite!

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Until the series premieres in October, it’s not a bad idea to dive back into Alias and get all those rom-coms Garner graciously gifted the world on heavy rotation. It’s not every day that a former Emmy nominee and A-list star circles back to television. But Camping could be an incredible, dare we say award-winning, role for the queen of Instagram and being 30, flirty, and thriving.

Are you looking forward to checking out Jennifer Garner’s newest starring role on the small screen? Let us know in the comments!

Camping premieres on Sunday, Oct. 14 on HBO.