5 Things that should happen in Gotham season 5

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Batman shouldn’t become Batman

As David Mazouz notes in the above video, one of the major events of Gotham’s fifth season will be finally having Bruce Wayne become Batman. Notably, he is cagey about whether or not he’ll be donning the cape and cowl before. With no disrespect to Mazouz, I’m really hoping he doesn’t.

While the 17-year-old performer has done a good job portraying young and tortured Bruce, it would be a mistake to think that he can pull off a recognizable version of Batman. For obvious reasons, most versions of the character’s origins have him becoming a superhero in his early to mid-20s. Not only does that age range make him a full grown adult, it also accounts for the years he spent outside of Gotham City learning martial arts and other skills that he would need as a crime fighter.

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Unfortunately, the very young looking Mazouz would look ridiculous in a Batman costume. To address the issue, the series should end with Bruce, having saved the city, realizing that he needs more training before he can become its full-time guardian. A subsequent flash-forward with an adult actor playing Batman could show that he realized his destiny. That way, the show could reach its natural conclusion with gravitas, not unintentional humor.

Gotham airs on Fox and will return in 2019.

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