Jenelle Evans gets credit for a happy marriage after social media post

Jenelle Evans posted a photo of herself with David Eason and people immediately credited her with having a great and happy marriage.

Jenelle Evans may not have custody of her first-born son Jace, as her mother doesn’t want to sign him back over to Jenelle, but it sounds like she’s trying to fix everything else in her life. She has her own house, she’s married to David Eason, and she is responsible for other children in her lives. She has two additional children of her own and she’s also the stepmother to two kids that belong to David. Even though she has worked hard on fixing her life, she’s still dealing with harsh comments on social media, as people can always find something to criticize her for.

But it sounds like fans are seeing a different Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2. While her social media used to be harsh comments, fans are starting to leave nice comments on her pictures. This weekend, Jenelle shared a photo of herself and David as they hung out near the beach. People were crediting her with having a happy marriage and people seem thrilled for her.

Of course, Jenelle Evans has been dealing with abuse rumors and accusations. While she hasn’t been the focus of these rumors, her husband David has been accused of being violent and abusive with little Kaiser.

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It has gotten to the point where Kaiser‘s biological father, Nathan Griffith, has tried to get Nancy Grace’s attention to get Kaiser out of Jenelle Evans’ case. So far, nothing has been done and he remains in the care of Jenelle and David.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans getting credit for a happy marriage despite everything that’s going on around her?