Big Brother 20 cast: Is this the strongest season in years?

Big Brother 20 cast: Is this the strongest season in years? (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 cast: Is this the strongest season in years? (Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 cast rumors were a big part of this past winter. Many of them included thoughts about former houseguests returning, with an eye on it being an All-Star cast for Season 20. Instead, production and the casting director presented an all-new BB20 cast.

The Big Brother 20 cast seems to have something for everyone. Sure, there are always going to be specific houseguests that individual viewers don’t like, but on the whole, they did a really good job putting together the BB20 cast. There are actually a lot of current houseguests who could realistically be seen winning the $500,000 prize this September.

Allison Grodner and Robyn Kass did very well

Executive producer Allison Grodner and casting director Robyn Kass constructed a very impressive BB20 cast. There are loud houseguests, quiet houseguests, outgoing houseguests, and methodical houseguests. While some of them might fall into stereotypical roles as individuals, the combination has created some very interesting television.

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Can the Big Brother 20 cast finish season strong?

It’s Day 42 in the house for the Big Brother 20 cast (July 31), and things have remained very interesting for CBS viewers and the online subscribers. There always seems to be something going on when the live feeds are active and each new episode brings a lot of drama to fans who don’t keep up with all the rumors and spoilers. That was definitely the case for the Kaitlyn Herman eviction episode, where she had a chance to return to the game if she could just finish a puzzle.

On the horizon, a double eviction episode is coming up, which should bring in more viewers than normal. It’s almost impossible to predict the two houseguests getting sent out the front door during an episode like that. Once someone is evicted during the August 2 episode, each successive evictee will get sent to the BB20 jury house. That could lead to some interesting footage as well, but there isn’t as much in-fighting as with previous seasons. Could the BB20 jury members all get along in the end?

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The next Big Brother 20 episode is on Wednesday night (August 1), when the Power of Veto winner is revealed. For readers who want to jump ahead of the CBS episodes, a previous report by Inside the BB House covers all of the Big Brother 20 spoilers up to this moment.