Big Brother 20 spoilers: Update from live feeds, closer look at eviction vote

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition played by houseguests. (Angela Rummans Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition played by houseguests. (Angela Rummans Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers have been a bit muted over the past 24 hours, but the true eviction vote may be closer to a reality. The information in this article comes after the Week 5 Veto Ceremony from July 30.

It was previously reported that Bayleigh Dayton won the Head of Household Competition this week. She decided to go after Brett Robinson as her primary target and placed him beside Rachel Swindler on the block. More Big Brother 20 spoilers came out over the weekend when Tyler Crispen won the Power of Veto. He declined to use it at the Veto Ceremony, leaving the nominations the same.

Drama is coming

There is a lot of drama brewing beneath the surface, even though it hasn’t popped up on the CBS live feeds yet. Bayleigh is very confident that it is Brett who is going home this week from Big Brother, but there are indications that she won’t get what she wants. There is even a plan in place to speak to Bayleigh after the upcoming Eviction Ceremony to blame someone else for the situation. This could lead to a lot of drama after the “live” August 2 episode.

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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Upcoming eviction vote

There are a lot of plans in regard to the August 2 eviction vote. Bayleigh and Haleigh Broucher feel that it could be unanimous in favor of keeping Rachel. This is because several other houseguests have been lying to them about how the votes will fall. Instead, Tyler Crispen is working very hard to keep Brett in the BB20 house, which would mean that Rachel goes home as collateral damage. It has helped Tyler quite a bit that Angela Rummans and Brett are upset with Rachel right now, which is playing right into his hands.

Tyler has also convinced Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix that the best thing to do is to vote out Rachel on Thursday night. The side-plan with JC is for him to vote out Rachel, and then start sharing the story that it is Scottie Salton who switched sides. As there is already a lot of drama surrounding the rogue vote from last week, Tyler and JC are very confident people will believe them. With Tyler, JC, Kaycee Clark, Sam, and Angela voting against Rachel, that is even to evict her next.

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These Big Brother 20 spoilers could certainly shift again, as JC has become a bit of a wild card in the house. He could easily be simply agreeing with what Tyler has to say and then vote to keep Rachel at the Eviction Ceremony. There is a lot up in the air in that regard,