4 Changes that need to happen in Riverdale season 3

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A return to relatability

When Riverdale began, its four main characters were a group of more or less average small-town kids. Though coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds, the group’s mutual interests in diner food, high school drama and uncovering dark secrets brought them together. But in the show’s second season, its signature foursome fractured and began to grow as individuals. And while that kind of development is natural and a good way to introduce conflict, things quickly got a little crazy.

Clean-cut every teen Archie got into vigilantism, which inexplicably led to his joining the mob. Previously weary of her family’s criminal connections, Veronica embraced her legacy her gangster legacy by opening a secret speakeasy. Soft-spoken literary type Jughead ended up as the leader of a crew of greasers. And Betty explored an interest in exhibitionism and serial killing. Generally speaking, these are not common teen interests.

Although Riverdale has always had an air of camp melodrama, it central quartet always felt relatable. But as the show’s second season went on, that relatability faded away as each member of the group became increasingly cartoonish. It’d be difficult for the show to reverse all of the changes its cast underwent last season. But there definitely need to be some sort of reset for the show’s principal cast to make them people the audience can identify with again. And for the sake of making the series feel more cohesive, they should probably spend more time together in season 3.