4 Changes that need to happen in Riverdale season 3

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More surrealism

One of the key qualities that separated Riverdale from all the other teen dramas on television is its tendency to get a little surreal. While firmly rooted in its own baroque reality, the show occasionally got a little heightened with its imagery in season 1. Things like Cheryl’s uncomfortably romantic reminiscence of her brother Jason, Jughead’s ‘50s style dream sequence and the various film homages featured in season 1 gave the show a very pleasant dreamlike quality.

And while the series still looks incredibly stylized in its second season, it felt more grounded overall. That lack of expressiveness coupled with the show’s bleak plotting made the program feel more mundane. Without taking the big formal swings it took in its first year, Riverdale started to feel a bit like a standard CW teen show. And given that it was once one of TV’s best-looking shows, that was a harsh come down.

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In addition to making changes to its plotting and characterization, the show should also make a return to visual style it had in season 1. Bringing back the more openly surreal imagery would not only help Riverdale be more engaging in an episode by episode basis, it would make the show more visually distinct. And if the series stay relevant, it needs to be as engaging and distinct as possible.

Riverdale will return to the CW with new episodes on October 10.

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