Courtland Rogers encouraged to adopt Jenelle Evans’ kids after road rage


Courtland Rogers hasn’t stayed in touch with Jenelle Evans but after her road rage incident, fans think he should take over custody of her kids.

Courtland Rogers is Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband and he was briefly featured on Teen Mom 2. The two were married after she ended her relationships with Gary Head and Kieffer Delp, and quickly rushed into a marriage with Courtland. But the marriage was shortlived and she filed for divorce over drug-related issues. He clearly had a substance abuse issue at the time and when the two got arrested, she felt it was best to leave him behind. She felt he was causing a problem with her getting custody of Jace back.

This happened years ago, as Jenelle started dating Nathan Griffith shortly after splitting from Courtland Rogers. And while Jenelle moved on and had another son, Courtland spent time behind bars. Evans no longer keeps in touch with her ex-husband, possibly because there’s no need. But when Courtland Rogers and others watched Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, where the road rage incident was featured, fans felt that Courtland was the better choice as a parent.

Courtland Rogers has indeed moved on with his life. He’s married again and recently welcomed a child into his life. Fans who have followed him feel that he’s a much better parent than Jenelle and someone even suggested that he should adopt her kids.

While Courtland may have had his drug issues, it sounds like fans believe he has truly changed. As one person explains, Courtland is taking care of his business and he’s turning his life around.

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While Jenelle may be trying to turn his life around, it sounds like she’s still dealing with accusations that David Eason has been abusive with little Kaiser. This abuse rumor, along with the road rage incident, fans believe that Rogers could be a much better parent to her kids than her.

What do you think about Courtland Rogers getting encouraged to adopt Jenelle’s kids?