GISH with Misha, GISH with us: We are GISHing

Supernatural -- "Goodbye Stranger" -- Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "Goodbye Stranger" -- Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

If you’ve joined Misha and us for GISH this year, by now you are either finding your items, losing your mind, or experiencing a serene balance of both (unacceptable).

So I’m a first-year GISH player, and also a team captain. This is a weird thing to do, but it is GISH so, when in Rome, as they say. Misha thinks it’s ok, so I think it’s ok (repeat hourly). Our team is a mix of lovely people from far reaches of the world. For several weeks I failed to recruit any of my friends or family to join in on my big idea of getting GISHy with it.

During the hunt for KARL, I was able to fill my team up with NINE people I actually knew! (OK, I just met a couple of them during the hunt for KARL). Suddenly I felt a very severe sense of urgency and started coming up with all kinds of ways to convince them. Anyway, the GISH gnomes hooked us up with some new people who we are loving and we made our cool team, #WeGetItWeDoLovesTheMerryVikings (you can watch us misbehave on Twitter if you want).

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So as I write this, it’s day four. I’ve done a few things, started a lot more. I’ve written letters to people I probably have no technical business addressing but hey, we’re all just people, right? We’ll see how that goes. I’m in search of a scuba suit and I’m trying to get Richard Branson to answer my tweets (I’m not telling you why). But most of all, I am having FUN.

And I’m not the only one. Weird things are really starting to happen. Not everything is super weird though, some really beautiful and inspiring things are also blossoming nicely. We even got the chance to wish Happy Birthday to Rachel Miner, better known as the demon Meg to Supernatural folks. She preferred Clarence as a better name for Castiel as Meg and it rolled over IRL into her Be the Clarence movement through Stands. (she’s the Executive Director at Misha’s Random Acts)! She loved her birthday treat, and that was a great feeling for us all.

The Hunt continues through Saturday, where we’re going to see the culmination of some really super collaboration between teams from all over the globe. And there will be some surprises involved, which is always a big part of GISH. We have just learned this morning about the Change a Life item which is a massive undertaking to quite literally change the life of a very deserving soul.

If you’re not playing GISH this year, there’s always the next hunt, and there are a lot of things you can still do to watch, enjoy, and get involved! The players could use support and are frequently posting on social media to get assistance with some of the more unusual tasks. And with the Change a Life item, you can help us whether you’re playing the game or not! Check it out, tell your friends, have fun. #GISH

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Are you playing GISH this year? Comment below and tell us what weird things you’ve been doing or seen others doing this week (but no giving away the non-public Hunt deets just yet!)

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