The Good Place podcast has been making the case for Ted Danson’s Emmy all summer


Ted Danson is a national treasure, and the people of The Good Place podcast know it.

Last year, Ted Danson was robbed at the Emmys. He portrayed eternal being Michael on The Good Place with such layered nuance that it seemed impossible that the celebrated actor wouldn’t get at least a nod for his surprising performance. When it didn’t happen, we were so shocked here at Hidden Remote that we made up an award for him just because we felt so personally affronted by the Academy’s omission.

This year was different. The Emmys rightfully recognized Danson’s genius on the NBC sitcom and named him a nominee for Outstanding Lead Comedy Actor of 2018. The winners aren’t going to be announced until September 17th, but the voting period for the finalists has yet to begin. From August 13th – August 27th, Academy members will cast their votes.

Whether intentional or not, NBC’s The Good Place Podcast has been quietly making a case for Danson as the winner all summer. Hosted with enthusiasm by actor Marc Evan Jackson (aka: eternal judge Shawn), each episode of the podcast always makes sure to touch on Danson’s prowess as a performer.

If you listen to the podcast (and you should) you’ll hear some of the brightest talents including Kristen Bell, Megan Amram, Manny Jacinto, and Michael Schur sing Danson’s praises over and over again. He’s an experienced and celebrated actor, for sure, but time and time again the guests on each episode emphasize what a professional Danson is, bringing his A-game to the series and elevating scenes to inhuman levels. His approach to the always shifting and frequently unpredictable emotions of an eternal being is nothing short of wondrous.  If Beyonce is 104% perfection in the music industry, Danson reaches those heights as an actor when stepping into Michael’s shoes on The Good Place.

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Voters, if there’s any doubt in your mind that Ted Danson deserves the Emmy this year, just pick an episode of The Good Place Podcast at random and listen. When an entire team of people wax poetic about a performance, it’s the real deal. Next year we can talk Outstanding Comedy nomination, but this year let’s focus on giving Danson the credit he deserves for bringing such a bonkers character to life in a relatable, ridiculously entertaining way.

‘The Good Place’ Seasons 1 – 2 are available via (with a cable subscription). Season 1 is available on Netflix, and Season 2 will arrive on Netflix on August 28th. Season 3 begins on NBC on September 27th.