New trailer for Venom spoils major plot details

Photo credit: Sony/Venom, Image Acquired from Sony Pictures Publicity
Photo credit: Sony/Venom, Image Acquired from Sony Pictures Publicity /

The new trailer for Venom spoils many of the film’s major plot details. But that’s okay since it also makes the movie look terrible.

Warning: This article contains massive spoilers about Venom.

Earlier today, Sony Pictures released a new trailer for its upcoming superhero movie Venom, and boy is it something!

The first notable aspect of the trailer is that it spoils a lot of the movie. Like, to the extent that it spoils several of its key reveals and major plot details. Initially, the 3:14 preview covers things that have already been disclosed. Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) being an investigative journalist who becomes bonded with an alien symbiote while investigating the sinister Life Foundation.

It also reiterates that Life Foundation leader Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) wants to use the symbiotes to help humanity evolve and that he’s willing to be ruthless to do so.

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However, the new trailer also confirms details mentioned at the Venom panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Most significantly, the fact that the symbiote that bonds with Eddie won’t be the only one featured in the movie. It looks like one alien will become bonded to a Life Foundation test subject and an EMT who apparently kills a lot of people. This suggests a symbiote breakout will likely take place, probably in the middle of its second act.

Moreover, it also shows that Drake will become bonded with a symbiote that’s even bigger than Venom so that the hero and villain of the piece can have a big CGI fueled fight in the third act. While much of this information was discussed at the film’s SDCC panel, that event was for hardcore fans. This spoiler-filled trailer is being released to the general public, which is odd since the film will be out for another two months.

Despite its bold declaration that “the world has enough superheroes,” the teaser makes it clear that Venom is very much a standard superhero movie. The trailer even shows Venom will have the same scene all edgy superheroes movies do where the hero uses their powers to put the fear of God into a hapless thug.

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If there is anyone left believing this misbegotten Spider-Man spin-off would do anything other than tarnish the Marvel brand, this trailer should eliminate all doubt. The dodgy special effects, paint by numbers plotting and uninspired voice acting shown here indicate that the film will be very much of a piece with widely mocked pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe movies like the Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider film and the Ben Affleck starring Daredevil movie.

Venom slithers into theaters and all of our hearts on October 5.

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