Big Brother 20 spoilers: Eviction night shocker coming on August 2

Big Brother 20 spoilers: America's Favorite Player voting results. (Scottie Salton Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: America's Favorite Player voting results. (Scottie Salton Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers suggest that the next Eviction Ceremony is going to be a big one. The August 2 episode is about to provide a shocking outcome to half the BB20 house.

Either Brett Robinson or Rachel Swindler is going home Thursday night (August 2). That is a certainty. Big Brother 20 spoilers about who goes home tonight is a different story. There are a few different ways that the eviction vote could go, but in each instance, it is going to leave many BB20 houseguests in complete shock. One of the nominees for eviction, who Bayleigh Dayton put on the block, is also in for a surprise.

Big Brother 20 spoilers about eviction night

A lot of debates took place early in the week about the August 2 Eviction Ceremony. Bayleigh has wanted Brett out of the BB20 house and she feels she has a plan in place that will lead to that outcome. However, Tyler Crispen has been working against her, while simultaneously lying to her face at every turn. If Tyler has his way, it is going to be Rachel walking out that front door on Thursday night.

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What is the most likely outcome of the Eviction Ceremony?

Tyler seems to have the votes of Angela Rummans, Kaycee Clark, JC Mounduix, Samantha Bledsoe, and himself. He plans to vote out Rachel with that block of houseguests. Five votes are all that is needed to evict either Rachel or Brett.

Meanwhile, Bayleigh is convinced that Tyler and JC are voting with her, putting them with Scottie Salton, Faysal Shafaat, Rockstar, and Haleigh Broucher to get Brett out. She is still unaware that Tyler is lying to her at every turn, constantly feeding her misinformation to keep her from stressing out about the eviction vote.

One possible wild card in this whole situation is JC. He could end up voting either way, but it seems he is set on a plan to vote out Rachel and then blame it on Scottie. This is a continuation of the plan by Level Six to turn everyone in the BB20 house against Scottie and frame him for something new. Will that plan work?

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On Thursday night, it seems very likely that Bayleigh Dayton and Rachel Swindler are going to be in complete shock after hearing the eviction votes. The episode itself will provide a lot of new Big Brother 20 spoilers, as following the August 2 Eviction Ceremony, the final 11 will also compete in a new Head of Household Competition.