9-1-1 Season 2 trailer: What just happened to the whole of L.A.?

Photo credit: 9-1-1/FOX by Michael Becker, Acquired via FOX Flash
Photo credit: 9-1-1/FOX by Michael Becker, Acquired via FOX Flash /

We finally got a first glimpse at 9-1-1 Season 2 and Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast. But the biggest question is what just happened in that promo to put the whole of L.A. in crisis?

9-1-1 made it very clear from the beginning that stakes were going to be high. The project, created by Ryan Murphy, was all about the real firefighters, police officers, and dispatchers dealing with emergencies. The 9-1-1- Season 2 trailer finally dropped and it’s left many people shocked and in awe.

The tension and drama aren’t slowing down. Not only did we get our first look at Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast, but we also got a look at the big emergency going into the season. What is it that’s damaging and causing panic across L.A.?

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An earthquake hits, just as Love Hewitt is answering a call. It causes disruption everywhere, leading to hundreds of people making calls to the emergency services. That’s not surprising. An earthquake is a scary thing, but Deadline reports that it’s going to be an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. That’s huge! The strongest I’ve ever knowingly felt was 5.2 and that was enough to have me and a housemate questioning what had happened.

Along with the trailer drop, we also got to learn more about who Love Hewitt will play. She’ll take on the role of a nurse who is a victim of domestic abuse. It’s clear from the promo that this storyline is going to come up, as at one point we watch her as Maddie Kendall on the phone and then curling up against the door as if agitated, frustrated, and scared.

This is going to be very different from the types of roles we’ve seen her in during recent years. If you remember her in Ghost Whisperer and Criminal Minds, get ready for a slightly more scared and quieter character.  She is starting off broken, but there’s a lot of room for development and backstory here.

Co-creator and EP Tim Minear has also confirmed that Connie Britton has a place on the show if she would like. She played dispatcher Abby in the first season, but only had a one-year deal. After that deal was up, she decided to move on. Britton didn’t want to do another long series after Nashville and she’s now moved onto a true-crime anthology series Dirty John with Eric Bana, according to Bravo TV.

It’s certainly going to be interesting to see the series without Britton. I’ll be honest and say see and Angela Bassett perked my interest in the series at first, but I found myself drawn to Bobby and Hen in the end, along with the calls for the night. While I don’t think Britton’s exit will shake too much up at this stage, I do hope Buck gets some sort of answer from her and Abby is mentioned!

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What do you think of the 9-1-1 Season 2 promo? What do you take away from the events? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

9-1-1 Season 2 premieres on Sept. 23 following the NFL Football.