Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition played by houseguests

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition played by houseguests. (Angela Rummans Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition played by houseguests. (Angela Rummans Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers now reveal that the houseguests have played out the first Hacker Competition. On the CBS live feeds, most of them can be seen discussing how it just took place.

Angela Rummans is in charge of the BB20 house, but her time as Head of Household could get interrupted by the Hacker Competition. Earlier Big Brother 20 spoilers revealed the nominees for eviction. Angela went with Rockstar and Scottie Salton this week. That’s not all that has popped up on the CBS live feeds on Friday (August 3). The houseguests have played the first Hacker Competition and its results could soon become apparent.

First Hacker Competition

A short while after the Week 6 Nomination Ceremony, the feeds went down for the houseguests to play out the first Hacker Competition. There aren’t a lot of details about exactly what took place, but the Sunday night episode (August 5) will show the challenge as it played out. What is known, though, is that someone won it and the houseguests are getting called one-by-one to the Diary Room.

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Once all of the houseguests have finished their Diary Room sessions, there is going to be a revelation in the BB20 house. It could be in the form of a meeting or simply the revelation that the Hacker power has been used (or not uses). Details of that have been sparse as well, but it could allow someone to change one of the nominations. A number of houseguests, including Angela and Tyler Crispen, are very concerned about what might take place next. As they don’t seem to have control of the power, it could mean that the nominations are about to change.

Big Brother 20 spoilers: The Hacker powers

If everything that the houseguests have been stating on the live feeds is correct, there are several Hacker powers that should be available to the Hacker Competition winner. The winner can save one of the nominees from the eviction vote and name a replacement. The winner can also choose one of the houseguests to compete for the Power of Veto. They might be able to discount one of the votes at the Eviction Ceremony as well.

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By the end of Friday night, the latest Big Brother 20 spoilers should be revealed, giving subscribers the answer to whether the nominations have shifted. That could lead to a lot of drama in the house, especially if either Rockstar or Scottie Salton won the Hacker Competition. It would allow them to take themselves off the block and put up someone from the Level Six alliance. Stay tuned Big Brother fans, because the day is going to be packed with information!