Jenelle Evans could be done with Teen Mom 2 after this season

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Jenelle Evans has revealed that she doesn’t want to film without David. Since they are not currently in production, she could be done.

Jenelle Evans decided to stand by her husband, David Eason when MTV learned that he had made discriminatory comments about homosexuals and transgendered parents on Twitter. He had made the comment in response to someone criticizing his parenting, sharing that he wasn’t a bad parent and that there were bigger fish to fry in regards to proper parenting, including transgendered parents. MTV pulled the plug on filming, as his comments went against everything the network stands for.

While Jenelle Evans could have released a statement saying that she doesn’t agree with her husband’s comments, the Teen Mom 2 star decided to just focus on her family. She revealed that she wanted to be with David and if MTV didn’t want to film him, they couldn’t film her either. As fans will learn about the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle will reveal that she’s not changing her mind and she has offers from Amazon and Netflix lined up if MTV fails.

Many feel that it is important that she continues to film the show, as viewers get to see what happens behind closed doors. They get to see the abuse allegations in regards to Kaiser, and they saw how she pulled out a loaded gun in front of Jace – and then left him in the car with the gun after being pulled over.

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She claims to have a happy marriage, but one has to wonder what she will do for work if she decides to leave Teen Mom 2. She has threatened to leave several times before but always returns. If she’s so unhappy filming the show, it only makes sense that she’s returning for the money.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans possibly leaving the show?