Shadowhunters season 3B welcomes Kimberly-Sue Murray to the Seelie Court

Photo credit: John Medland / Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site
Photo credit: John Medland / Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site /

There’s a new Queen in the Seelie Court! It was announced today that Kimberly-Sue Murray will join Shadowhunters season 3B as the Seelie Queen.

After last week’s announcement about Luke Baines joining Shadowhunters as Jonathan Morgenstern reborn, and yesterday’s reveal of Sydney Meyer as Helen Blackthorn, Shadowhunters fans have learned of a third newcomer to the ShadowFam, Kimberly-Sue Murray, who will be playing the Seelie Queen on Shadowhunters season 3B!

Kimberly-Sue Murray will be the third actress to portray the Seelie Queen on the series. We first met the Seelie Queen in her pre-teen form (Lola Flanery) and then in her young adult form (Sarah Hyland) in season 2B.

Lola Flanery was the only actress to play the role in season 3A, but it looks like the Seelie Queen will be choosing to make herself appear older in season 3B — at least for this scene with Jonathan Morgenstern — which is likely a clue about how their relationship and possible alliance will develop.

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Keep in mind that Lola Flanery was also filming on set during season 3B, so we can expect to see the Seelie Queen in two different forms over the course of Shadowhunters season 3B.

In the behind-the-scenes photo posted on Twitter by showrunner Todd Slavkin, the Seelie Queen is meeting with Jonathan Morgenstern (Luke Baines), and book fans are already speculating about what this scene could mean for the series.

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Kimberly-Sue Murray is very new to Twitter (she just created an account today), so be sure to give her a follow and show your loyalty to the new Seelie Queen!

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