Hallmark is celebrating Garage Sale Mysteries month in August

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries are celebrating Garage Sale Mysteries month by airing four new mysteries every Sunday in August.

Hallmark is repeating their Garage Sale Mysteries month for the second August in a row. The popular mystery series based on the books by Suzi Weinert stars Full House’s Lori Loughlin who plays Jennifer Shannon, the mystery-loving, garage sale addict. Jen is a married mom with two kids and co-owns Rags to Riches, a consignment and antiques shop. Her side kick and business partner is Dani (Sarah Strange) who is always trying the latest New Age craze and constantly on the lookout for her soul mate. Although Dani is always willing to give love a chance, more often than not she finds herself romantically involved with the murderer which adds both suspense and humor to the family friendly mysteries.

Garage Sale Mysteries: Pandora’s Box Mysteries will be the first episode that will air on Sunday August 5. Jen and Dani are being profiled on a reality show and they come across a decorative puzzle box. It was recently owned by Elizabeth Andronicus (Terry O*Sullivan) the matriarch of a local family of “powerful” real estate developers. Jen and Dani get their hands on it thanks to the deceased woman’s daughter-in-law Tamra (Jessie Fraser). Could this be their big break?

It is no surprise that clever Jen is intrigued with solving the mystery of the decorative box that includes hidden secret compartments. Jen is determined to solve the mystery and maneuver the moving parts. But when Jennifer finds Tamra dead at the the bottom of the same set of stairs that Elizabeth fell and subsequently died days earlier, Jen  believes that the decorative box mystery is holding information so big that someone is willing to kill!

The web becomes even more tangled as it is revealed that Elizabeth’s two estranged sons have recently returned to town before her death. Add that Jen unwittingly discovers Tamra’s extra marital affair with  attorney Allan Demetry (Kirby Morrow), and suddenly she has to determine who is a suspect and who is a red herring. Fans of Garage Sale Murders will enjoy watching Jennifer use her “unorthodox” methods of uncovering who the killer is, and of course, what is going on with her affable family members.

On August 12, Jen and Dani have their own Storage Wars experience and buy a storage locker at an auction in Garage Sale Mysteries: The Mask Murder. They find a dead woman’s body inside the newly bought unit. Yikes! Once they are able to check out the unit, the unusual content feature death masks, including one that matches the dead woman’s “visage.” How is Jen going to solve this mystery?

Hallmark is celebrating Garage Sale Mysteries month in August

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

On August 19 in Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture a Murder, Rags to Riches takes in a vintage camera collection on consignment after the death of a collector. Turns out, there is an undeveloped photo in one of the camera’s that could reveal that the original owner was murdered!

The final movie, Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder in D Minor is airing on August 26. Jen and Dani are in luck as they pick up a rare piece of art after a collector dies. When they due excitedly begin to research the provenance of their newly purchased treasure, the Rags to Riches co-owners uncover some discrepancies that lead the pair to believe that all of the works of art owned by the deceased were illegally obtained. This promises to be yet another entertaining mystery, but will the due ever get a break? As always, the pair thinks they have found a treasure that will make them rich only to have to return the piece to the police.

Garage Sale Mysteries: Pandora’s Box Murders airs on August 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Each Sunday in August will feature a new Garage Sale Mystery title.